Monday, December 01, 2008

Romeo and Juliet: November 2008

Don't forget to check out the backstage pix!

Some of the photographs taken by Dr. Bryan MacLeod (aka "The Prince"). He didn't get any of our knife-fighting or my final scene of discovering the bodies, because he had to be on stage at that point -- in character and not with a honkin' big camera!

Abram and Balthasar (of the Montagues) just before our fight with the Capulet punks.

Note that this was dress rehearsal. I cut back on the lipstick thereafter!!

I've included a couple of Bryan's shots from other scenes I liked:

The death of Mercutio (the shouting and grunting of which I would always listen to from stage left just before my entrance with the Montagues and the Prince).

Gabe "Capulet" calling Sara "Juliet" a baggage and a tallow face etc.

My big scene in which I tell Romeo that Juliet is dead, leading to all sorts of trouble. Maybe Balthasar should have waited for the Coroner's report before heading off to Mantua.

Backstage, playing "Things" with the other bit-players.

My niece's phone's version of my big scene:

Don't forget to check out the backstage pix!

More of Bryan's pix: FOR MAC:


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