Sunday, May 15, 2011

"The Tempest" May 2011: Behind the Scenes

See also my post of Bryan MacLeod's pix.

In addition to playing Adrian (as I said, see the other post), I recorded the sound for the show. Here are some highlights. The "Flout 'Em and Scout 'Em" flute solo (generated by Garage Band) might be a bit loud. When played in the theatre, the software set the playback for a suitable level.

The opening "turn-off-your-cell-phones-you-dummies" announcement

The opening storm scene

Ariel's "Shwing" for her entrances and exits

"Flout 'Em and Scout 'Em"

Ariel's speech as a Harpy with music and thunder!!

Miranda has to have her latte!

Antonio reliving Act 1 Sc. 1?

Caliban was here!

Sara's birthday present from her sis:
Steve Irwin doll (sans Sting Ray)
(Too soon?)

Dressing room:
Men's Half

Dressing room:
Ladies' Half

Prospero's (Spacious) Cell

Convenient block on the edge
of a cliff

The Magic Circle

Caliban's Cave
(Apparently unsuitable for shelter
during a storm)

The view from Prospero's loft.


One of my medals was from the WWF
and the other was a dog tag!

Nancy being deified.

The Oozing Dance (?)

Ariel: "Yo, yo, yo!"

The Wrap Party was held at Bryan's, featuring suitable gifts from Eva, the director,
lots of food and beverage, a bonfire and (of course) a hottub (aka human soup).


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