Friday, August 16, 2019

MPC 2019: Aug. 3 - 16


Links to all my MPC Boys Camp sessions

I had my usual role of leading some songs (for morning Bible Study, especially the Junior Section) including "Little Cabin" one day, dispensing hand sanitizer, participating in the Section Head Bible Study, collecting mugs for the kitchen, leading my "Puzzles With Peps" club once, leading songs for Ops Devos, and giving "Words of Wisdom" (Steven Wright quotes) at morning meeting. I also drove a camper to the Ste. Anne hospital for x-rays, and bought delicious hamburgers there from the Thirsty Cactus Restaurant.

Tour of Changes:

Table Talk Skits; The Lion King:

Raptor Banquet:

My complete MPC shirt collection

The Boys Camp Hymn

United forever in friendship and labour,
Our glorious Boys Camp will ever endure.
Our great Pioneer Camp will live through the ages,
The dream of a people, their island secure.

God bless our Pioneer Camp,
Led by the Father's mighty hand.
Long live our people, united and free,
Strong in our friendship tried by fire.
Long may our crimson flag inspire,
Shining in glory for all men to see.

Through days dark and stormy where Great Drifter led us,
Our eyes saw the bright sun of freedom above.
And Doit Nap our leader with faith in the Saviour,
Inspired us to build up the camp that we love. (To Chorus).

Pix by others:

Taken July 8 by Quixote

Whaler, Pingu & Grader

One day we had staff devos in "Vancouver". I'd never been in there before & meant to take a photo, but forgot, but I found this one on Instagram:

Senior Section Campfire:

The Demolition of the SLounge (after camp):


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