Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Some of My Videos


First posted Dec. 28/19

Commodores Are Dumb


Lyrics video for "Nobody Talks* (During Coaches Corner)

* and I mean NOBODY

Lyrics video of my E.P. of some of my oldest songs (recently recorded). Listen for the vibra-slaps.

My 2015 song "Right Side of the Grass"

Video of my song for the Free Stanley movement, aired on National CBC Radio.

My entry for CBC's Hockey Songquest

My September & March songs for our Facebook Group's Feb. 2013 project.

My contribution to our Feb. 2014 Album Writing project based on Shakespeare's Sonnet 64

"R 'n' R Hymn Videos"

"La Bumble"

"The Seven Answers of Sunday School"


My one minute "appearance" on CBC Radio

At my Richard Pepper channel I have my Israel trip videos (starting here), my "Little Cabin in the Woods Medley" videos (starting here), my "Bears in the Woods" videos (starting here), along with many Dorion Bible Camp videos (starting here), Camp Gitchigomee videos (starting here) and Northwood Park Church videos (starting here).

If any of the links are dead, just go to and search from there. Sometimes I upload a new version and forget to change all the links leading to the old one.

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