Sunday, June 14, 2020

Come Play With Me Zoomprov Show: June 14/20


Beastie Boys: Mike, Donna, Neil, Richard w/ Mary on “ba ba ba”

Mary intros the show - videos on when she announces y’all, then videos + mics off as we begin! When you are announced for a game, turn your mic on and then your camera. When you are finished a game, turn your camera off and then your mic.

Rhyming Couplets: Joy, Mike

Dating Game: Joy, Neil, Jeff, Richard (any of you want volunteer to be the contestant vs. a panelist? I'll probably plan quirks ahead of time, just to make things move smoothly. Any ideas, throw 'em at me in a direct message).

Scripts: Tamara, Richard (Do either of you have a preference, reading vs. reacting? I can send a script to the reader, unless they can provide their own. We discussed briefly using a well-known movie script. Well, obviously not the whole script. You know.)

Gibberish Interpreter: Joy, Donna (gibberish) Mike, Tamara (interpreters)

Press Conference: Donna (we should plan the who/what ahead of time, without Donna :))

Emotional Hitchhiker: Joy, Donna, Jeff, Richard (Who's driving?)

Alphabet Game: Neil, Jeff

185: Full cast

Try this link to view the show as long it remains up.


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