Saturday, August 19, 2023

Manitoba Pioneer Camp Classic Boys 2023


I was one of the Executive Floaters. I led singing for Inter./Juniors, sometimes at Songs and Stories, and led the after-lunchs songs: "Little Cabin in the Woods" and "With Jesus In My Boat". I ran my Puzzles With Peps club twice. I made two trips to the Kenora X-Ray department (one with staff, one with a camper). I dispensed Hand San before meals, and shared a thought (with camp photo) each staff meeting. I visited some clubs, and hung out at the waterfront with my guitar at times during Boats Out and Free Swim. I even took part in the EP "Phobia".

Playlist of all my 2023 MPC videos in chronological order. Throughout this post there are playlists organized by subject matter. Most vids are under a minute, with the longest being just over 3 min.:

Aug. 6:

Playlist of My Arrival and Departure videos:

Aug. 7:

"Raiders" Parody for Royal Roll:

Playlist of Skit videos:

Aug. 8:

AT-AT Snow Walker:

Playlist of Empire Strikes Back Table Talk Skits videos:

This bird stayed on my porch rail for much of the day:

Bill Mason's Mysterious Box:

Markers SkitL

Aug. 9

Playlist of Program and Misc. videos:

Aug. 10:

Puzzles With Peps Take One:

Aug. 11:

Aug. 12:

Photos by Grader:

Message from the Moose Man:

Aug. 13:

Playlist of Singing videos:

Iskatewi-zaaga'iganiing 40. I've only ever been to 39 before, but I joined in a boat run to pick up Spruce our Nurse for week 2.

Aug. 14:

The Island Trail:

Playlist of Nature and Scenery videos:

Aug. 15:

Sir Toby and I return from K-Town:

Aug. 16:

Another trip to K-Town with Scipio and HK:

The Defeat and Forgiveness of Deacon:

Aug. 17:

Grader Man:

Super Mario Banquet:

Playlist of Banquet videos:

Grader wrote his song choices. Temp photographed them with his phone. I photographed his phone, and found the overheads:

Aug. 18

Aug. 19

At home:


Some official pix:

Look: I'm in this picture:

I'm invisible standing behind the very tall Major King (raising his hands):

Playlist of all my MPC vids (and a few by others):


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