Friday, October 31, 1997

Dorion Bible Camp 1997 NEEDS CABIN INDEX


Tacky Supper by Kellina Cooper?

The rest are from the camp slides.

Open House/Sod-Turning for Eagles Nest: June 22

Staff Training

Teens Week

Teens Cabins

Senior Week

Senior Cabins

Barenaked Ladies Concert at Scout Jamboree

Primary Week

Primary Cabins

Intermediate 1 Week

Intermediate 1 Cabins

Family Camp

Junior Week

Junior Cabins

Intermediate 2 Week

Intermediate 2 Cabins

Community Camp

Hi-Teens Week

Hi-Teens Cabins

Labour Day Camp

My Holiday in Grand Marais


Aaron Mayo at Policing Centre Opening

Thanksgiving Camp

ISCF Gym Night at First Baptist

Derek & Mum's Birthdays

Wedding Reception