Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Northwood Church Video: May 2011


This is a bit of an experiment with Windows Movie Maker and features some of the best pix from Northwood Church.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Cambrian Improvers @ Marina Park: May 29/11



A New Youtube Slideshow


Pix from 2008 and early 2009, set to RPs song "Jesus Reigns Forever", which is a touch rockier than what we generally sing Sunday mornings (so far).

The pix are hosted here at my own church picture blog, but I thought I'd list the official website for more info.

This vid reflects discussions we were having over clarifying the intent of our full name (Northwood Park Church of Christ).

We were thinking through various issues, including how the "Church of Christ" part gets misunderstood by some people as Mormon, and also how some uses of it (esp. "The Church of Christ" without a neighbourhood reference) can sound arrogant and exclusivist, thereby MISrepresenting our beliefs about other congregations of Christ's Church in Thunder Bay.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday School: May 29/11


Two thumbs up for graduating SK!

Knight takes Bishop

Big kids colour, too!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Victoria Day (Monday, May 23/11)

I had a quiet day at home, beginning with a walk around the block in the rain. This is who greeted me in my back yard when I returned.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Singing at Pinewood Court: May 20/11

From my POV

I used to sing from the blue book, but when Ruth joined me, I made the enlarged photo copies so as not to crowd her. If she'd played left-handed, we could have sung Beatles style, (though not so close).

Since Ruth has been away, I use the copies anyway -- because I find it hard to read from the book now anyway!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday School May 15/11

This week we reviewed the wedding at Cana using Play-Doh (not wine!).

A blue thing with a hole in it.

A red hill

A yellow dinosaur


"The Tempest" May 2011: Behind the Scenes

See also my post of Bryan MacLeod's pix.

In addition to playing Adrian (as I said, see the other post), I recorded the sound for the show. Here are some highlights. The "Flout 'Em and Scout 'Em" flute solo (generated by Garage Band) might be a bit loud. When played in the theatre, the software set the playback for a suitable level.

The opening "turn-off-your-cell-phones-you-dummies" announcement

Ariel's "Shwing" for her entrances and exits

"Flout 'Em and Scout 'Em"

Ariel's speech as a Harpy with music and thunder!!

Miranda has to have her latte!

Antonio reliving Act 1 Sc. 1?

Caliban was here!

Sara's birthday present from her sis:
Steve Irwin doll (sans Sting Ray)
(Too soon?)

Dressing room:
Men's Half

Dressing room:
Ladies' Half

Prospero's (Spacious) Cell

Convenient block on the edge
of a cliff

The Magic Circle

Caliban's Cave
(Apparently unsuitable for shelter
during a storm)

The view from Prospero's loft.


One of my medals was from the WWF
and the other was a dog tag!

Nancy being deified.

The Oozing Dance (?)

Ariel: "Yo, yo, yo!"

The Wrap Party was held at Bryan's, featuring suitable gifts from Eva, the director,
lots of food and beverage, a bonfire and (of course) a hottub (aka human soup).


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mayors' Prayer Breakfast: Wed. May 11/11

First of all, it was a "Mayors' Breakfast" not a "Mayor's Breakfast" because there were three mayors there as special guests.

Pictured below are Ken and his daughter, Karen, whom I've known for many years through their long association with Dorion Bible Camp. They were fellow guests with me at the table of Charlie and Margie Wilson.

Yes, that Charlie and Margie Wilson!


"The Tempest:" Bryan MacLeod's pix: May 2011

See also Behind The Scenes.

Cambrian Players' production of Wm Shakespeare's "The Tempest", directed by Eva Burkowski, ran between May 5 and 14/2011. I played the role of "Adrian, a Lord of Naples". We set the story in 1888 and so my costume was intended to represent some sort of Neapolitan military officer. My main role to protect Fransico (played by a woman, Joanne Stronks, in our version) from the beasts and frightening spirits of the island, and to pretend that Ariel (in her feathery body suit) was invisible, even when she was staring bird-like at me.

I also designed the sound for the show, which included a recorded version of the storm scene, Ariel's songs and her Harpy speech with music and thunder!

One of Brian's coolest pix:
Our first glimpse of Prospero,
wrecking the ship with his magic tempest.

My main job became someone to whom Francisco
could cling when in fear of beasts and spirits.

My big scene:
"Though this island seem to be desert[ed]..."
- notwithstanding those trunks and books over there.

"The air breathes upon us here most sweetly."

Ariel charms us to sleep,
while I pretend that this cute blonde girl
in a feathery body suit is invisible.

"Awake! Awake!"
[Before your arm loses all feeling!]

Wondering where the lions are.

The log scene

Ariel's caught-in-the-headlights look

They may be goddesses,
but that doesn't make them fascists!

The Zombie Scene!!

Miranda thrilled with all the goodly creatures
she has just discovered (including Adrian!).
"'Tis new to thee." says party-pooper Papa Prospero.

Again ignoring the "invisible" Ariel,
while appearing to be curious about Caliban.