Sunday, March 26, 2006

Family Bday Party: Mar. 26/06

Is that one girlfriend or seven?

First Time Curling: March 26/06


"Go Mommy go!"
(That's what Kristian was chattering, I hear.)

Right through the house.

"Hurry hard!!!"
(I had to use that as a caption at least once.)

Photos by George Melo

George's Composition in Blue and Pink/Red

Men with brooms (and beards)

Awww! Co-operation! That's sweet.

Don't fall, Rauni!!


St. Thomas' Pri/Junior Youth: Mar. 26/06


Thank you, Lynda, for your help with making the shakers.

Lap-sitting in a circle

A. gives it a solo try.

Parents (with irony), "Thanks a lot, Richard!!"


St. Thomas' Youth: Books of the Bible Song: Mar. 26/06



Saturday, March 25, 2006

Birthday Party March 25/06

Thank you to all my party guests for attending and for your gifts and bikini cards.

For commentary and a link to more pix see Shroom's blog.

Replies to comments

Sorry, for the delay, Laura. I wanted to upload my pics there first. They still need some rearranging and I'm hoping to get some more (hottub pix) from other cameras.

Yes, Paula, that is Malcolm X.

Thanks, Amanda and Bradley. More (and some of the same) music is here. Probably slow going on dial-up, though.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Surprise!! Trip to Calgary Mar. 16-21


Because this party for Andy James' 60th birthday (held at the Kananaskis Lodge) was a surprise, I haven't been telling many of you about my plans to fly out there. Andy first saw me as he sat in the Kananaskis hot tub. We hugged bare-chested. His sister from England and brother from Toronto came, as well as a few others from Dorion/Thunder Bay and other family members. (Andy was director of Dorion Bible Camp in the 70's and 80's.)

He was most overcome with emotion however when the Birkes arrived. They were a young missionary couple at North Spirit Lake for 3 months in the 60's while Andy ran the store there. They patiently (except for one slammed door, I hear) put up with Andy's mockery, questions and appetite and "are responsible" (says Andy, Total Sovereignty notwithstanding) for his conversion to Christ. When Andy recognized them, the water level rose in the hot tub.

(No, he did not pee his pants.)

I also managed to visit with two McMillan families.

Mareesa Janell

This link will take you to a complete description with pictures.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mar. 12/06



Here follow pix of the unsuccessful (thus far) matchmaking: