Friday, March 30, 2007

St. Thomas' Anglican Potluck: Mar. 30/07



Dave Wilson Sports

I told the guys there I'd put in another good word for them in my blog.

I got Crocs from my Mum for my birthday this past Sunday and one of the straps broke already. I went in to DWS today and they didn't even ask to see the recent. The guy just took them into the back and fixed them, no muss, no fuss (no pus or cuss either).

Ah, what power we bloggers have on the marketplace!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Wendy Mesley was speaking in the Agora at LU tonight (Mar. 28/07). After this pic, I told her that she'd be right there along with Mr. Dressup (on my celebs page) but I don't think she heard me.

Monday, March 26, 2007

March 25/07

"It's my birthday. I can hog Kristian if I want to."

No, he's not wearing shorts.
He has long legs and his pants were riding up.

Kia -- first in line for cake.

Sandwich Sunday

..and Congregational Meeting.
(Kristian opposed one of the motions.)

Sophie struck and held this pose apparently deliberately.

Ageing gracefully with quiet dignity.

Eight girlfriends?

Thank you, Tim and Robin who took me out to Boston Pizza-Sandwiches-Stromboli-Chicken-Desserts-Drinks-etc. that evening, where rowdy kids threw money at me.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cambrian Players This Week

I went to see "Gwendoline" by James W. Nichol, directed by Jim Hobson, last night. I have acted (and will again in "Much Ado About Nothing" in June) with two of the actors, Jay Stapleton and Alex Jecchinis and went to Redwood (school) with Lynae Grace.

For what that's worth.

Anyway, you can catch it for $12 (from Fireweed Store on Algoma or at the door) on Wed., Thu., Fri. or Sat. this coming week at 8 pm in the Bora Laskin Theatre of the LU Fac. of Education (the corner of Balmoral and Oliver).

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mark May 11th on your calendars

That's when we will be reprising the Medieval Murder Mystery. Location, time, place and cost all unknown at this point. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Set at the Dorion 30 Hour Musicathon

This was a fundraiser for the Dorion Bible Fellowship (the E.Free Church, not the camp) for their new building:

U2 Medley (40/Still Haven't Found/I Want You),
The Christian Beaver (Pepper) -- during George's skinning demonstration,
'69 - '74 (Pepper), Don't Be Afraid (Pepper),

Dylan-McCartney-Vera Sad Medley (I Threw It All Away/Yesteday/At This Moment/Oh! Darling),
Dylan Spiritual Medley (Forever Young/Saving Grace/I Shall Be Released),
Drive My Car (Lennon/McCartney), Every Grain of Sand (Dylan),
Watch Out Medley (Further On Up the Road [Medwich Veasy, Robey]/Helter Skelter [McCartney]/This Wheel's on Fire [Dylan/Danko]),
Hallelujah (Cohen), Tie Me at the Crossroads When I Die (Cockburn).

A song I should have sung: The Pillow Fighting Champ of Dorion Bible Camp (Pepper)

Songs that notably I did NOT sing:
Nobody Talks (During Coaches Corner) (Pepper)

Free Stanley (Pepper)

Review: Re. the crowd's inattention to the skinning demo: "It's hard for you to compete with a dead animal." -- Dean Schaaf

Scored last night

One-timer rebound.

It was an atypically (for me) confident shot, and so in my memory it looks like someone else doing it. Was this a Divinely inspired goal?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

March 11/07

For various reasons in part related to my not getting to Northwood Park Church on Sundays due to work commitments, I hadn't seen Kristian for over two months. Here are some pix from the recent "Worship Fiesta". There are others of the event itself at my blog for the church.

He has been fighting a bad cough,...

...but came up with a nice smile for the camera anyway.

We've already got a Mission Statement (which I've forgotten), a Vision Statement ("A safe place for people who don't go to Redwood" or something like that), but the newest thing at some churches is an "Organic Slogan". How about this? We've had it in our basement for years:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pam and Dave Harris: Mar. 12/07

Perhaps I shouldn't look so happy in this picture, since the reason the Harrises and I came together was to attend the funeral of Bruce Reith, one of my brother and Dave's best friends growing up.

However, it was really nice to see them, especially since recently they had sent us a scrapbook of pictures for the Church of Christ Fortieth Anniversary. Pam and Dave were steady youth group attenders and were married in our building as well. Dave is an air traffic controller. Pam is soon to become a Lay Minister in the Anglican church in Vernon BC, which is interesting to me, considering the fact that I work for with the Anglicans now, too.

The funeral of someone almost my contemporary is very sobering. Pam said that Dave was very shook up about it. I know that there are things I am supposed to say about death, but several times I found myself thinking more about me than about Bruce and saying (silently!) "I don't want to die."

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Worship Fiesta: Mar 11/07


After a yummy meal of Hispanic-type foods, we had a time of worship in song and prayer, followed by viewing and discussing a Vineyard training DVD about worship whose title escapes me at the moment. ("Experiencing Worship"? "Worship is a Heart-Shaped Balloon"??)

All this matchmaking had better pay off someday!

It's been over two months
since Kristian last posed for my camera,
but he's still got the knack!

Scotty looked as if he had been banished to sit by himself,
until Gord E. had mercy on him.
(Banished because of the shirt?}

Gord, Karen and Scotty were visiting during March Break.

Some use forks; most use their hands.

Insert witty caption here.

Yes, there were others gathered around singing.

Look at me! I can play a D!


Friday, March 09, 2007

Murderous Mysterious Blog

Writer/Director Leon Bullock has begun this Murder Mysteries Blog which includes the two shows I was just in:

Thursday, March 08, 2007

"New" Skates for me

Last Friday my $40 skates from Canadian Liar finally died (the left one anyway). That explains why I couldn't catch Art. See below for an enlarged view of the popped rivets.

So yesterday I went to Dave Wilson Sports where I get my skates sharpened and Dave sized up my feet and told me that they were wider than I'd realized. So I've tended to wear skates that are too long in order to get the width.

I tried on a pair of Grafs which seemed to fit well. However, I had hoped to spend < $100 and thought I'd better give Play It Again a try.

Their rack of skates appeared disorganized to me. The few skates that I could find that looked close to what I might want were way more expensive than DW's.

And no one came to offer me help.

So I went back to DW and bought the Grafs. I had the time and so he heatfitted them to my feet.

Not only that, but he encouraged me to try them out for the next few weeks and return them if I don't like them.

DYU Feb. Retreat on YouTube

I could embed it here, but instead -- if you want to see how I spent the first weekend in February out at Round Lake Bible Camp -- click here. It's just about 7 minutes long.

Interestingly enough I came home today to two phone messages: one from Round Lake wondering if I could play guitar for a retreat this weekend (but I'm already playing for St. Thomas' "Parish Mission") and another from Dean Schaaf of the Dorion Bible Fellowship (not the Camp, but his kids go) asking me to participate in their 30 Hour Musicathon, raising funds for their building. I think I should perform "Zargons Invade Dorion Bible Camp", the unplugged version.