Friday, February 25, 2005

100 Years of Rotary

The following are people who attended the Centennial of Rotary International Dinner I attended with my parents on last Wednesday evening. I am fascinated by connections that I have with people and they with each other. So here's a brief blurb on each.

Dr. Lois Wilson -- Guest speaker -- Her husband was our minister in the early sixties when we used to go to First Church United. I think she was co-minister for the 2nd half of the sixties.

Katie Ischkin -- President of Rotaract (youth branch of Rotary) -- I believe she was a camper at Dorion Bible Camp.

Len and Marg Landy -- All three of their daughters Katrina, Karol and Kyla went to Dorion Bible Camp. Kyla is married to Michael Gilmour and he was (an excellent) acting Assistant Director during Andy's last summer, with a view to becoming Camp Director with Elaine Kalnbach as Executive Director. The board chose not to go this route, although I was not privy to their reasoning. Len and Marg go to St. Thomas' Anglican and I sat with them there at a dinner this past Saturday. Karol was co-director of Senior week at Camp Gitchigomee when I was there last summer.

Rev. Paul Carr is the retired rector of St. Paul's A and our paths have been crossing regularly recently.

Rev. Dave Silliman -- His daughter Amy helps lead The Edge worship service at which I played on Valentine's Day.

Karl & Marianne Wahl -- Good friends of my parents -- It was they who invited my sister and me to attend Dorion Bible Camp with their daughters (and so it was nice that they also attended my 30+1 Years Party at Camp Dorion Party in 02 (my last summer there). They are also associated with Cambrian Players.

Barb Philp -- Wife of a Rotarian -- She (as a Morrison) and I were in ISCF together at Churchill. Their son came at least once to Dorion Bible Camp. I see her from time to time at Waverly Library where she works.

Jim. Mucklow(?)-- Rotarian -- attends men's breakfast I go to on Friday mornings.

Dr. Harold Cumming -- Husband of Rotarian -- He was a staff advisor at times for LUCF and used to host our Christmas parties year after year. He also ran a Sunday afternoon study at his home which I attended. For a while he was a member of writers group, Inkwell. His daughter Christine Regehr directs Girls Camp at Manitoba Pioneer (which is where I last saw Harold when they were visiting).

Kendall House -- Director of FW Male Choir -- Was principal of one of the schools at which I taught Religious Education for 2 years when I first joined CSSM Canadian Sunday School Mission.

Henry Konrad -- member of FWMC -- Taught me English at Churchill and sponsored the ISCF club there. His son Richard and I did a project together on the history of Classical Music. Richard recently emailed me out of the blue. I see Henry's daugher Marina from time to time in theatre contexts or at Redwood church.

(Jerry Williams -- a Rotarian but was absent that evening -- Jerry is the Chair of the Inter Varsity Area Committee on which I serve. He was also a member of the Dorion Bible Camp board for a while. I suppose his daugher Laurie and I attended Churchill at the same time and his daughter Debbie was on staff at Dorion Bible Camp for one summer. I could look up all these dates btw, but I'm just not bothering to.)

This is not to mention numerous other Rotarians there who are friends with my parents and, I realized after the dinner, who, in several cases, have been in my house when it used to belong to my parents.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Feb 8 - 14

Last Tuesday: Drove downtown to pay a bill. Then I stopped by to visit annika at her office and ended up helping her move (almost) all her stuff back into her space, since it had been moved out for renovations. Hers is the only cubicle office I've ever seen that includes a couch and a tree.

That evening I helped out with Pancake Supper at St. Luke's. They kindly gave me half a ham and a bunch of pancakes & a bottle of syrup to take home. I brought my syrup into the Cambrian Players Board mtg that followed, asking "So did everyone remember to bring a bottle of syrup?"

Wednesday morning I met with Tim and Eric and then Joe re-installed a sensor in my car's engine so that it won't overheat. Then I had a sauna and supper at my parents' place, followed by Ash Wednesday service at St. Luke's.

Thursday I met with Deb at Seattle River St. to plan Saturday's Visioning Day. After lunch and tea at Tim and Miriam's I did some shopping at Value Village, Stupidstore and InterCity. At InterCity I chatted with Lee Ann (nee Grootenboer) who used to be a TBCS student, Dorion Bible Camp er/Staff and filled her in on the goings on in my life.

That evening we had small group at Lappalas' but it was unremarkable.

Friday morning I went to the men's breakfast I attend at Fat Cat's (attended mostly by Jims). After email, blogging and photocopying I had lunch at Tim's again with T and Rick Three. Because I was (and am) still battling a cold and I needed to get up early the next day, I took a rest in the afternoon.

In the evening after I'd worked on choosing some songs for the next day and some budgetting, Tim came over to hang out and then drive us to hockey. I got one assist. I had two really good chances on open corners, but missed both times.

Saturday I helped out (mostly with music) at St. George's Visioning Day during the day and attended the Camp Gitchigomee Dinner in the evening. There I sang with-cold-and-without-soundsystem '69-'74.

Sunday I attended St. Paul's Anglican and then caught the sermon (by Tim) at my own church. My family went to Kelsey's for lunch (and so did Eric and his boys and Tim and his girls). Another sauna after that.

That evening I sat in as a guest at St. Thomas' Youth Ministry Support Committee, chaired by a fellow who had been one of my earliest ISCF retreat chaperones (when I was in highschool) and also my associate when I was a student teacher (of Mike Hurlbert's class at Westgate) and father of one of my very first Dorion Bible Camp ers.

Yday I babysat Juliet for Tim and then he took us to supper at Hoito. I led singing at The Edge that evening, capably assisted by Robin on his superior green bass. I must say that Robin's bass playing really adds a lot and his leading the ladies' echo parts was much appreciated as well.

I wish I could make this wilder and crazier, but that's the way it goes.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Laser Tag

My team was last out of four. I came in 2nd out of 12 in the individual game. The one person who beat me turned out to be a young girl who hardly ever plays and who had been on my team! Go figure. Apparently I last played (as "Worf" anyway) in 1997!!

With my tokens I tried to kill raptors (but after the first game it kept on asking for more tokens and not starting the game). I also did some "ancient" flying and shooting, some racing, Simpsons pinball and one of those coin throwing games at which I won 2 tokens=1 teeny tiny dinosaur "eraser".

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

To quote my "pastor": "@#$%^&%$ Snow"

But I agree.

I got stuck in my driveway again last night. I just wish it would stop going from really cold to quite warm (when the frozen snow thaws and acts like mud). But if wishes were horsepower....