Saturday, April 29, 2006

Eric's Day After 36th Birthday Party: April 29/06


Roll-up-the-rim is over. Sorry.

Naughty Gramma.

(Actually taken at Small Group on the Day Before)


Overheard at "United 93"

At the end of the movie the couple behind me:

1 - "That was a shitty ending."
2 - "Well, you knew what was going to happen, didn't you?"
1 - "No, I thought they were going to live."
2 - "It's a true story."
1 - "It is!?"

(These were adults.)

Nu-Vision Dinner: Apr. 29/06



Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Pizza Song: Apr. 25/06

Right-click here and choose "Save Target (or Link) As" for an mp3 of "The Pizza Song" recorded by my "youth group". (Unfortunately, sickness and homework "decimated" our numbers)

Both guitar tracks were played by Sarah who doesn't play guitar. I added the bass. My drum machine played the basic drum track (first) and Jean (youth sponsor) added the rest of the percussion. All three of us winged the vocals. Every track was done in one take each and so I think we should be called "The Won Take Oneders".

Yes, Sarah doesn't play the guitar, but I "fixed it in the mix". I found one little bit of the "lead guitar" track that sort of fit what we were doing and copied and pasted it in a few places and made an intro out of it.

I think this is a bit of a parable of how God can take our lives, fix them in the mix and produce a beautiful result -- at least as beautiful as The Pizza Song!


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dorion Bible Camp 60th Ann. Banquet: April 21/06

Thank you, friends (Robin, Mum, Dean, Shannon, Kevin, Tim and Victor [not pictured]) for sitting with at the Dorion Bible Camp 60th Anniversary Dinner yesterday. Looks like I have whipped cream on my beard. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

St. Thomas' Youth - "Gossip": Apr. 11/06


We played a game "Exquisite Corpse (sort of)" in which we all wrote a sentence and passed it to the next person. S/he drew a picture of that sentence, folded the paper to hide the sentence and passed the drawing to the next person. That person translated the drawing back into a sentence. Next this sentence was drawn -- etc.

Click on each picture below for a larger version.



In light of one of the tangents in adult class last Sunday this article is interesting:

I need to do some more reading, but I seem to recall that eventually there were 20 points, not just 5 (but maybe it was 20 tracts expounding the 5 points).

It is interesting that the 5 points varied somewhat. If they are the first version listed then our class teacher is correct that most Churches of Christ (though not necessarily every member) would be Fundamentalist in that sense. If pre-Mill is included, then most would NOT be.

And if Salvation by Faith Alone (understood a certain way) became included, then again many Fundamentalists would deny CoC inclusion among their numbers.

I'll have to see, but I think that eventually the emphasis of Separation from worldliness became, if not another point, a characterizing style that distinguished them (us?) from the broader Evangelical movement which had already existed for a long time. In fact, the 5 points alone are a fairly good description of "Evangelical", aren't they?

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Jesus Papers

Reply sent to CBC's "The National" re. The Jesus Papers:

Michael Baigent appears to rely too much on our ability to know Pilate's motives from almost 2000 years away, i.e. that he would NEVER crucify a man who told people to pay their taxes (assuming Pilate even knew this of Jesus), even if there were other factors to consider. The Gospels depict Pilate as not eager to execute Jesus, but merely *willing* to in the face of a potential riot. His goal of keeping the peace appears to have outweighed the other concern. Is that so unbelievable?

And how would secretly "getting rid of", but not killing Jesus help keep the taxes rolling in? If the Jews were going to conclude from a real crucifixion that "oh, I guess the Romans don't want their taxes anymore", why wouldn't they conclude the same from a faked execution?

FYI re. the presenters' closing comments: Mary Magdalene is never described as a (former) prostitute in the Bible itself; that is a tradition that arose later. I point this out merely to indicate that sometimes people think they have critiqued the Bible, when it is actually later tradition they have attacked. (I'm not aware that Baigent himself makes this specific error about Mary, however.)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Derek's Going Away Party: April 3/06



A description of my Alberta trip with links to related pix is found here. However, I have yet to obtain from Mark James the pic of the smokin' hot guys (including me).

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rejoice with me for I have found my (Stud) Bible!

It had fallen behind some VHS cassettes on a top shelf in Eric's office. Um. Not much more to say than that.