Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve @ Kuchtas' 2011-12

Featuring lots of food, Cranium, midnight champagne and Wii dancing.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Harbron Hullabaloo: Dec. 29/11

A wonderful time was had by all at Harbrons', as usual, with lots of food, chat, kids and video games.

Discussing something nerdy, no doubt.

All teenagers want to do
these days is play arcade Tetris!

Showing off his toys.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Celebrations: Dec. 25,26/11

Our usual 1100h service was moved to 1000h service at the Northwood Park Church of Christ's meeting place (Redwood and Edward corner). I led the singing and told some back stories of most of the songs we sang. Here is a transcript, should you be interested.

Then I spent the afternoon with my mother at her place, including a leg o' lamb supper. After supper I began to watch "Big Bang Theory", which turned out to be a marathon. During commercials, I did some rearranging of furniture etc. to help set up for the family meal the next day. The marathon was still going at midnight, but that's when I decided to go home.

I'd only watched 1 or 2 partial episodes of BBT before, on my nephew's recommendation, but I kinda got hooked (despite the annoyance of watching the same commercials over and over).

Then the next day on The Feast of Stephen my mother had the family meal. The guests were Derek, Nomi & Sophia; Doug Jr., Suzy & Elizabeth; Doug Sr.; Devha & her friends, Shannon & Andrea, plus yours truly. I played Santa but didn't photographed doing so. My mother cooked the ham and we did the rest as an organized potluck. Devha decided to photograph most of the items.

Christmas socks!

"Grandma, don't get any more
musical stuffed animals!"


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011: Dec. 24/11


Yes, that's a Gumby air freshener.

What? Don't you think Spinal Tap makes
a good backdrop for a Christmas tree?

Without flash

We've had that mini tree in our family
since my childhood.

L - R: Olive wood Nativity scene from Bethlehem,
Yurt keychain from Mongolia, Salvadoran figurines,
amethyst, fossilized mollusc, agate.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carolling: Dec. 20/11

Last year fellow Cambrian actor, Will Perry, asked me along carolling with his friends, the Palmquists in the Franklin St. area.

I was invited back this year and so a large crowd of us headed out with "my" Rotary carol songbooks to sing door to door and collect items for the Food Bank.

Since Will and Andy (in fur hat) are Barbershoppers, and I can fake a reasonable bass line, our singing sounded pretty good, if I may say so.

Why am I holding a tree (a tree top, actually)?

At one house we encountered The Outsiders getting ready to rehearse for their Boxing Day gig. I spotted tree trimmings in the back of Gord Ellis's truck and he said I could take the top of his family's spruce tree as my own. I've not really bothered to have a tree the last few years, but, hey, if it's free and already cut...!

I ended up with sappy hands, however. It wasn't nearly as cold as last year, and so I didn't wear gloves!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Songs and Snacks: Dec. 18/11


More interested in Transformers than food?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Party at Kat & Geoff's: Dec. 10/11

I didn't photograph the people (most of whom I didn't know), but I thought these objects were fun.

(Geoff is a vegetarian.)

Actually, of course, I knew the "Cambrians" who were there (Meesha, Chris, Katherein & Gabe, & Geoff), but also it turned out that I knew (from their ISCF days in highschool), Kat's brother and sister, Nick and Lisa.