Sunday, October 30, 2005

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Flying Dream

Frequently I dream that I can fly.
My flying is more like treading water in the air.
It's not effortless, but
When I'm doing it, it makes perfect sense, even though I realize that
Apparently most (all?) other people can't do the same.

But last night there was a new element:
Almost everyone else was trying to make me stop
And were accusing me of
Heresy or blasphemy or pride or something.
One of my first flights was taken right at the front of a worship service
And I guess I was showing off a bit,
But mainly I wanted to let people know
"Um, I can fly."
(It seemed important at the time, but)

They kept trying to make me stop and
I kept flying whenever I had a chance, not so much to be rebellious
But because I *wanted* to fly.
(And I wasn't very good and needed practice.)

No one seemed particularly interested in understanding
How I was able to fly or
Whether they could if they tried.
They just wanted me to stop and to lock me up.
And I just kept saying,
"Um, I can fly."

A conversation I heard last night at Youth Synod reunion dinner
about some 3rd person unknown to me:
One person: "Him? He's always mad."
Other person: "No, he's not he's always smiling."

Monday, October 17, 2005

On the radio

Here's the little ditty of mine they played this morning on local CBC-1 and this afternoon on the Roundup.

Welcome back to your radio station,
After your little, unrequested vacation.
It was strange when you were gone:
Radio Two on Radio One.

They'd play a song when they'd nothing to say,
But finally Cockburn got lots of airplay.
It was strange when you were gone:
The sudden return of Bill Richardson.

Welcome back to the air.
We want you to know that yes we care,
And we're glad that the managers are gone,
Just in time for Ron and Don!

Mum's 70th and Derek's 22nd birthdays
at Mum's on Oct. 16/05

Sunday, October 16, 2005

St. Thomas' Pri./Jr. Youth Group: Oct. 16/05


Each child chose special objects or places around St. Thomas' to be photographed and then told us what was special about each.

Armelle & her sister Nicole loved to play and hide (and get stuck) here.

Christopher says this was a good place to play when he was smaller.

The altar is special to Justin (& so is his thumb).
Jessie took this picture which was donated in memory of Beatrice McIlwain who faithfully served St. Thomas' Church 1967-99 as Sunday School teacher/superintendent.

This picture is meaningful to Alisia because she was baptized here and her aunt and grandparents were married here.

Jessica took this picture to remind us of praying to God.

Adam says, "Andrew is a good Reverend."

Trystan: The angel painting reminds us to come and worship.

Brady: This is where lessons are read from the Bible.

John: The altar is important to the church.

Brandon took this because, well, we love and we pray and we serve.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

"The heart that hurts is a heart that beats." -- Bono ("One Step Closer")

But often we (including me)
Defiled as we are in this world
don't want a heart that

If someone is in pain, after all the time we can bear,
(years, weeks or seconds),
"Suck it up!" we say.

Someone (other than "me") is moved by to anger by love or passion:
"Lighten up!" he is told
By someone just cooling down from his last upset
(Hidden in his family room).

Love fuels the actions of protection
Protect the child from "the bully".
Protect "the bully" from "the lazy teenager".
Protect "the lazy teenager" from the controlling adult.
Protect us all from each other.

Sometimes the fuel explodes.
Remember: the sun is going done.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pics taken Oct. 4/05

Congratulations B & C!

Click for larger versions.

"Baby boy" and "Maddydine"

"I wasn't born yesterday!"