Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jam for Africa: Jan. 6/09

This was in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. I don't normally like country music, but Bluegrass is different. It started up pretty slowly, but eventually ended up as a fiddling frenzy!

Shanthi Minor was a camper at Dorion Bible Camp. Now she lives in Quebec and teaches fiddling.

The other group is "Gibson, Martin and I". Bob Balabuk (on banjo and fiddle) was the most "interesting" supply teacher I ever had.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hullabaloozageddonathon "2008" - Jan. 3/09

House Rules: Women on the floor.

Men (and toddlers) in couches or chairs.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

FN Hockey: Jan. 2/09

I've been benched since Sept. 14/09 with a torn meniscus in my knee, but I took these pix of the other guys one night recently. The following week I skated in the warm-up to test my knee. It felt fine to me, but my doctor's orders (back when I was limping) were not to play. She recommends surgery and I'm really hesitant to go ahead with it.

I think she imagines our hockey to be far rougher than it really is.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Shroomageddon: Jan. 1/2009

Ken Dreyer, now present on the Interweb!!

Note to self: don't move another ball into the second circle
until you've most the first into the third circle.

Yet another Rock Band pic for the Net.

Looks like a bass player.

She did have a cute look on her face BEFORE I took the photo.

Rennypalooza: Dec. 28th at Kuchtas'

Dec. 28th

My Mum says she was just pretending to sleep in order to keep her great-granddaughter asleep.

Dec. 25th at Suttons' and at Mum's

Lots of dogs at Suttons' !!

My great niece and great nephew