Thursday, June 29, 2006

Small Group Supper at Sheila's June 29/06


Chewing Richard's pen was a better idea for Kristian than licking the horseradish lid, which he somehow managed to grab at one point.

Unfortunately, Kristian's Mommy must have licked a horseradish lid or something, because she was very sick that evening and couldn't be with us. :( So we took turns entertaining the little guy. Liam by falling down repeatedly was the most successful.

This pic is boring and does not merit a caption.


More Catch-up Pix

Mark finally located his camera cable and sent me these:

Note to Mark's (American) Health Insurance Co.: he did not join in the smoking.

This hot tub at Kananaskis is where most of Andy's surprise guests greeted him for his 60th Birthday (back in March).
Kristian looks pretty happy in this pic, but he was kinda cranky that night (Game 7 of the Stanley Cup). I think he was pulling for the Oilers.
This was June 18 at St. James' Anglican, doing a Camp G. presentation.

Monday, June 26, 2006

A few recent activities

John Pendergrast (former ISCFer and Dorion Bible Camp Eagle
Camper) is now a Manitoba Nerd. He was a ringer for Steve's Thunder Bay Nerds' participation in the Arthritis Society Fundraiser.

Doug's birthday party, June 24 (for 23rd)

Visiting with John Micah.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hockey Haiku Contest

Recently I found out that the winner of the CBC-1 Hockey Haiku Contest was Malia Whitfield. I'm glad because
1) She's a great kid and
2) I'll get to see the prize jersey sometime and
3) Maybe I can't get photographed wearing it and post it here.

They never did air my entries (as far as I know. Some mornings I was up and out already and other mornings I slept in).

Each was supposed to follow the 5 7 5 syllables per line pattern and contain a reference to Eric Staal &/or Chris Pronger.

My first one, which I thought had a very inscrutable oriental feel to it:

This haiku can't win.
It doesn't mention Eric
Staal or Chris Pronger.

This one was written the day of Game 5:

It could end tonight.
Have Pronger's Oilers been Staaled?
Lisa Laco rocks!!

I figure someone else must have used the Staal pun already.

Work Day at Camp Gitchigomee: June 24/06



Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Merchant Pix

I have uploaded all my Merchant of Venice pix now to my Yahoo Photo page. You might prefer to view it as a slideshow. Note that the photos of me at the end were taken by the Duke, Dr. Mike Richardson.

So far this is the closest to a pic of me on stage in Merchant. Well, yes I am on stage, but it was only a rehearsal (of I,i). This is from "Nerissa's" Photo page.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Merchant is Finished

I had some malfunctions, wardrobe and otherwise, during the run.

A somewhat teal-coloured stain turned up one night on my trouser knee. I tried to scrub it off and then had to dry it standing in front of my only fan.

My old war wound from a year ago (sore toe) started acting up again. My "twin" "Salerio" (Paul Ruebsam) also injured his toe for the last performance.

But all's well that ends well.

The House Concert didn't really turn out as we had planned. Instead it was more or less our song and non-song writers group.

Timlap read some of his recent writing and had me sing "We're Not Going to Take It" partway through one of them. I sang my new song (twice) "What Do You Think of Me, Jesus". Erica and Black Mamba each sang some of their songs.

After Shroom left (but not because he did), we lit a candle, turned out the lights and sang "Dona Nobis Pacem" and "Jesus, Remember Me".

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thanks Andy

Andy doesn't seem to be much of an emailer and so I'll just say thank you here for his thank you card rec'd yday re. his birthday party. It meant a lot to me. One of his relatives can tell him.

House Concert

Timlap, Sylvia and I are holding a House Concert this coming Sunday evening at my place. I have invited a bunch of the Merchant cast, but am not getting an overwhelming response. (I suspect many of them will be rocking the Fort. Bachman? Cummings? Who!?)

Contact me if you'd like to come. I actually have a new song to debut!!

Some "Merchant" Pix

None of me yet.

The Duke of Venice is played by Dr. Michael Richardson. He was the other Cinna in "Julius Caesar", the one who got killed instead of me. He is also the Prof in the LU ad who claims that his door is always open. However, Robert P in the same ad claims to be a student who is known by name to all his profs.

I think some of you might remember Justin Parcher
from SNL (the FB kind) a few years ago.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mr. Papich and my toe

Check my May 2005 archives and search for "Papich". Last night I ran into Mr. Papich at Chapter's and it turned out that he had indeed been ego-surfing and had found his name on my blog (in the Top Ten Google results), as my favourite teacher.

I think blog-mentions shoot up to the top of Google quickly:
I received the national newsletter (& donation envelope) from CSSM yesterday and just happened to notice in a passing reference that Orval Janz, the national director resigned.

There must have been other newsletters not sent to me with more info about this. There's not much info about it on and so I Googled his name this morning and a post of mine is in the top ten.

I skimmed May 2005's archives. My toe still hurts -- off and on. The last two days have been really bad. I have a Merchant show tonight and I think it'll be okay.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


With timlap's help on Sunday night I finally put the lights inside my 3D puzzle of Neuschwanstein Castle in order to complete it. (Yes, the file names are incorrect.)

Actually, I had a fair amount of help from the person who donated it to Value Village, since s/he had put together most of each wall and tower already.

I think Kev and Shan have been to Neuschwanstein.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

DYU Danceathon: June 10/06


Matt's handiwork.

Over $300 was raised to help Matt and Sadie with their July trip to Rwanda with Nu-Vision.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The villain Jew with outcries raised the Duke....

"The Merchant of Venice" opens Thursday night. Tonight is dress rehearsal. Paul and I will get to eat our first of our nightly bananas.

Shows are 7:30 pm at Bora (not Jetta) Laskin Theatre L.U. and are $12 at the door or from that Fireweed Crafts place. Doors open at 7. There is no cheapy Preview night. Sorry. I don't have tickets on me. Actors can't be trusted with money.

My function as Solanio is to describe off-stage events, hold back burly cast-members who want to fight (perhaps I will forget one night. hee hee) and to eat a banana while speaking without choking.

I just heard a lady on the radio giving her website: "W [pause] w [pause] w [pause] etc." Wouldn't want to get those doubleyoos wrong.

This morning Lisa Laco missed a chance to be funny, because she answered "How are you" colloquially (as is, in fact, appropriate for her show) instead of grammatically correctly. She was interviewing an expert in disinfecting wells.

(There is none good. No, not one.)

New music

Every time I click my agreement to the statement at my new music, that I have Shroom, Robin and Lance's permission to upload, I feel a bit guilty, because I didn't exactly ask them directly (recently), especially Lance.

Anyway, I've posted a few songs there. "That's My Camp!" is new and just a demo of an idea that sprang unbidden to my mind. That's why its quality is so much lower than the rest of my recordings.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Comic cartoon comix

The other day while reading the Calvin and Hobbes compilation I bought from Value Village in the bathroom -- (I was reading in the bathroom. I did not buy it in Valvill's bathroom.)-- I remembered that I used to want to be a professional cartoonist. (I did draw editorial cartoons for one year for "Lakehead Living" and also a strip for them on the local crappy cartoons page and oh yes "Star Wrek" for LU's Ragus. (see

Now I don't even read the comix (except the aforementioned book and timlap's bathroom Dilbert book until he threw it away). They used to be so important to me. Now I haven't got a clue.