Friday, December 31, 2004

Dec. 20 - 31 with little comment:

Mon: Shovelled snow at Hull's. Met at Seattle Arthur with Anglican youth and Rev. Nancy to plan "Welcome Home" service.
During my meals I was watching "The Making of 'Taxi Driver'". Later I watched "Meet Joe Black" which I didn't care for.
Evening: Went shopping with Tim at ValVill, Walmart, Old Navy and Canadian Liar. Then we went to see "Closer". Afterwards, I asked Tim to remind me, if necessary, not to conduct my relationships the way the 4 central characters did.

Tue: Shovelling and shopping during the day.
Evening: Christmas Eve practice with Sylvia and Erica. Then hung out with some of the Friday night hockey guys: Tim, Chris, Paul and Eric. Chris witnessed a car accident out on Memorial and so had to give a statement.

Wed morning: Met with Tim and Eric at Tim's. Stayed for lunch.
Afternoon: Shopping. Served at Superstore by Karen who said it had been forever since she'd seen me. Technically that's not true.
Had sauna and supper at my parents' place and rode the elevator there with Mike Gravelle. I told him I'd just been in a play with his cousin. He said that all the Gravelles are in theatre one way or another. ha ha
Watched "Tucker" with Tim at his place.

Thu. afternoon: Sang at Pioneer Ridge then had coffee there with the worker, Jennifer Mayo (*not* the highschool Jennifer Mayo that some of you know).
To ValVill and Chapters: There I saw Annika and Eerika Vastamaki, Matt Hoskin, Charlene Backstrom, Neil E. Dainio III and Victor Leonardi.
Evening: Christmas Eve rehearsal.

Fri: Lunch at Tim's again. Then wrapped gifts at home. Christmas Eve service at Church of Christ bldg. Played guitar and pretended to be angelic. Do angels adjust their glasses while reading their lines?

Sat morning: Service at St. Luke's. I like taking real wine. It feels to me as if something is *really* happening. ;) Lunch with various others at Suttons'.
Afternoon: Sauna and lamb supper and presents with just my Mum and Dad at their place. Spoke to my sister (in Georgia) for the first time since June 2001. Watched "White Christmas". Mum drove me home because my car wouldn't start.

Sun morning:
Led communion at church. Ray Clark (Charisse's dad) tried to start my car. CAA boosted it and said it was flooded.
Sun evening: Beef supper with Dougs Livingston Jr. & Sr., Derek, Greg and my parents.

Mon afternoon: Coffee in Intercity with Spuro and Karen Sourtzis. (I went to highschool with Spuro. He teaches in Dryden.) Saw Melos and Terri & Bethany Vieira.
Evening: Harbron Heckuvahullabaloo Chatted the most with Vern Martin (former camper of mine and Head Cabin Leader). He has been through crap, too. Hasn't everyone?

Tue afternoon: Our church's turn at Shelter House. Ate remaining ham off three big bones. Was *very* thirsty. Then met with my Youth Ministry Advisory Committee at St. Mike's.

Wed morning: Breakfast at Hoito with Tara and Bryan Fulton (from "Toronto"). (Tara grew up in our church. Bryan was a camper and staff at DBC.) Also there were Annika V., Nathan Barnes and Peter Wynalda. I should have introduced T & B (and PW) to AV as they all have ISCF in common. As well B had Redwood in common with N. Maybe life swirls cosmically around the Hoito.
Afternoon: Sauna and supper again with Mum. Then led singing at St. Mike's for the Welcome Home Service. Talked the most with Dave Ruberry whose wife and kids used to help with Horsemanship at DBC.

Slept much of the afternoon. Watched "Blackadder's Christmas" (which features Robbie Coltrane "Hagrid" from HP movies). Worked on my website for most of the evening.

Fri morning:
Men's breakfast at Arthur St. Fat Cats. I used to go every week. I'm going to try to get back into the habit. I set my alarm incorrectly, but I made it there anyway.

Don't you feel better for knowing this?

Sunday, December 26, 2004

St. Stephen's Day

I'm hiding out in the back bedroom of my parents' condo for a while. It's 45 min. until supper and the 3 nephews arrived and are talking to each other about their on-line war game. I tried asking a question or two, but then they continue on and I'm lost. I guess I feel anxious because I'm afraid my Dad will eventually grow tired of it and tell them to stop, but I think he's just tuning it out.

I suppose I could ask them how they've been doing the last few days, but that will lead back to the same thing. I could fake interest, or I could maybe even *be* interested if the conversation was being conducted in a way which was intended to include outsiders, but it's not. They are too young (and damaged) to think much about such things.

I could fight my way in, but maybe I'm too old (and damaged).

Spent the last two days worrying about starting my car. I finally had it boosted by CAA and it's downstairs in the parkade, plugged in, after recharging the battery.

I think I should not have bought this car, or at least not so fast, but I was given every indication that I would attending the CSSM Ministries conference in the Soo back in April '03 and needed to replace my previous car which would not have been safe to drive that far.

So I made a rushed choice and bought it from a backyard mechanic. I think I'd have done better to have waited and probably would have had the camp board not been so eager at the end of March that I agree to be reintegrated. Had I known they would so soon reverse their decision, I would have driven the Pontiac a little longer while looking for something a bit more expensive, but that wouldnt have cost me as much in repairs and grief.

So here I am on the computer, because my nephews talk about computers "too much". Hmm.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

There is no "Celsius" in "Excelsis".

It's not "ex-chel-sius". It's closer to "egg-shell-cease".

But I decided it was of little importance to pass this info on to the man singing beside me at the Christmas morning service at St. Luke's. Not after he shared in the Thanksgiving time his gratitude to Jesus for hiding his keys to his gun cabinet last Friday, when the pain of his ugly divorce led him to the point of almost believing the lie (as he put it).

(That's an "ugly" divorce as opposed to a beautiful one? The most positive adjective for a divorce I ever hear given is "amiable".)

But of course a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. How do I know that "sius" was not a common mispronunciation of "cis" among ancient Latin speakers (or the original angels -- except that I imagine they were speaking to the shepherds in Aramaic or possibly Hebrew or Greek)? Maybe this is therefore an "authentic mistake".

My Latin knowledge is based on a partial reading of a DIY Latin text and watching "Goodbye Mr. Chips". According to both, the Classical Latin pronunciation would be "ekskelsis" anyway. It was the trained music teacher at TB Christian School who taught us the Choral Latin pronunciation.

In "Mr Chips" he is (in effect) instructed that from then on Cicero would continue to be "Sisero" in History lessons, but become "Kikero" in Latin class (and "Chichero" in chapel?)

In "The Passion of the Christ" unfortunately Christ and Pilate converse in Choral (Ecclesiastical) Latin, which I take to be an anachronism.

But again do I really know that? Perhaps Classical Latin was already devolving into Ecclesiastical Latin at that point especially in the provinces. (My guess though is that Mel wanted the Latin in the movie to be the same as the language which he prefers in the Mass.)

But, in any case, I doubt that any of this passed through the mind of the pain-and-gratitude-filled man worshipping beside me. Nor is it likely to.

Nor does it ever need to.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

"He's Just Not Into You."

Miriam (Tim's wife, who is much more in the pop culture loop than I now) was telling me about the above phrase and resulting book -- something to do with that being the response to a woman's question "Why hasn't he called me for __ days (or weeks)?", as if that guy (whoever he is) can speak for all men. Well, Miriam and I agreed that it's not necessarily true. Of course, it's not. That just seems so obvious to me.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Last Week

Here's what I did last week with little philosophizing or ranting:

Monday evening: Walked to IV Area Committee (at Suttons' near TBCF) and back. It was sort of our Christmas party, because we had munchies.

Tuesday: Started Christmas shopping at Victoriaville and Great Northwest Coffee Co.
Walked to Cambrian Players Board Mtg in the evening. Eva was feeling sick and so pushed Gabe to end by 2030hrs. Walked home. Early night (2330).

Wed. morning: Met with Tim and Eric.
Supper with my parents and nephew. Then Tim and I went to Value Village (bought the Pueblo style dark Phoenix jersey which people have commented on as "Christmassy"), then Chapters/Starbucks and then "Ocean's Twelve" (which I didn't particularly enjoy).

Thu. afternoon: Had coffee with Annika (and her Sista-the-Barista, Eerika, and Mike Hurlbert) at Starbucks. Actually, E and M just stopped by separately, but I could misrepresent it to you simply by saying A and I had coffee with E and M, which is accurate, but imprecise enough to be misleading.

Thu evening: Small Group at Lappalas', but they had to skip out to the Jedi play at Magnus for most of it. So I led in the inscribing of requests into the sacred book.

Fri. morning: Read one of the candidate plays for Cambrian Players and delivered it to Rebecca S. who works nearby at Cook Engineering. Went to Youth Leaders meeting which wasn't and so instead hung out alone at Starbucks (served by Eerika), reading sections of "Political Philosophy and the God of Abraham" by Pangle. Sang carols (to Mike H.'s grandmother etc.) at Pinewood Court.

Fri. evening: Went *way* earlier than necessary to church Christmas party. Led carols there, too. Then went to a youth event at St. Thomas' and led carols (& praise songs) tere too. This involved skipping hockey, but we did play a bit of floor hockey. Another early night (0030).

Sat. Spent much of the day reading Pangle for the evening discussion with Tim, Chris Minor and Patrick Cain. Rick Three stopped by and picked up his bed etc. from my dining room.

The evening discussion was at Chris and Zuly's and was invigorating. Is creation "good" inherently and therefore God "saw" (recognized) that or did God "see TO IT" that it was good? A plain reading of the text suggests the former, but then doesn't that mean that God was not totally free in His creating, but limited only to what was (eternally, pre-existingly) good? Okay, that's a bit of philosophizing. But no ranting.

Sun. morning: Children's Christmas play. Led singing for church.

Sun. afternoon: Lunch at East Side Mario's with my parents', Doug Livingston Sr. and the 3 oldest nephews (MIB). "Christingle" service at St. George's. One day I'll post a picture of a Christingle. Chatted there with Rose McGratten (wife of Dorion board member).

Sun. evening: Superstore (Travia and Sylvis were looking for Rauni.) Then "Deeper Water" at St. Luke's. Krista asked me if I could play bass with them in future. I think I basically said, "Sure, after all, I can play the guitar!" (That's for you, Robin.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas slogans

"Keep the Mass in Christmas." (Roman Catholics)

"Keep the Mass out of Christmas." (Baptists)

"Keep the "t" in Christmas." (Elocutionists)

"Keep Christ in Weihnachten." (Confused German)

"Put Mashiach into Chanukah." ("Messianic" Jews)

"Saturn is the reason for the season." (Historians)


I don't seem to be able to post a comment right now.

The in-joke re. Robin's is that *every* Friday we go to Robin's *Donuts* (not Pizza, Tim!) after hockey. Last week I emailed my schedule to Tim saying I was going to Robin's after hockey and he wondered why I was going to Harbrons' place so late at night.

There. Now it's not an in-joke. The whole worldwideweb now knows!

Re. shovelling for Hull's. Not for old times sake. For $10.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

"Jen" not "Jenn" say Robin and Shroom

Okay. I've not been doing a great job of daily blogging. Here's just a quick catchup of events since my last post -- with very little philosophical comment.

Tuesday, Nov. 7 evening: Hung out with Tim at his place. Drank coffee.

Wednesday 1000-1245hrs: Hung out with Tim and Eric at Tim's place. Had lunch there.

Wednesday 1300-1600hrs coffee with Annika and Brian Jones at Seattle Red River. Annika was very animated and inspired re. Frontline having just returned from the Inter-Varsity National Conference. Very encouraging.

Wednesday evening: Tim and Matt and I ate pizza and watched a Japanese film about a blindswordman at my place. (That is we watched the film at my place.) I fell asleep partway through and missed some of the blood.

Thursday lunch: Evangelical Ministerial Christmas Banquet. Sat with Eric and Erica because, of course, I never see them at church. ;) Ken Parker mocked me twice mistletoe Santa hat, apparently fearing that he would be obligated to kiss me if I came too close.

Thursday evening: Grabbed quick supper at Small Group at Tim and Miriam's. My hat "worked" for one there, but she has a bf; so don't get any ideas.

Then skipped out to the Redwood Dessert Theatre production of The Word on the Street mainly to see Brian Whitfield. Sat with Whitfields Senior (and grandson Andrew) and my sister's ex-mother-in-law, Gayle Willoughby. Doug Doyle teased me about my hat, too (but didn't kiss me. Nor did anyone else there, in case you are wondering.)

Back to Small Group -- very small -- all but Lappalas had left.

Friday noon: Youth leaders prayer meeting at Evangel. Then downtown to buy gift for our church's "family".

Home for leftover pizza, while watching more of Steve Martin's "Roxanne" (which I am enjoying, but haven't finished. Don't tell me the ending. If it's realistic, it should be sad).

Friday evening: gifting wrapping with church youth group and then hockey and then Robin's. (That's *Robin's*, Tim.)

Sat. morning: Church Youth/Outreach committe mtg/brunch with Baileys. ;) Worked on sermon on "Joy". Played guitar for Saturday Night Life along with Robin and some of the Interpreter's House gang. Apparently I met Jen Barker, not Jenn Barker. So say Robin and Shroom.

Then I helped lead singing at a Sinter Klaas party at St. George's Anglican. The rector is Dutch and likes to remind his congregation of St. Nicholas' Day (Dec. 6) which is a big deal in the Netherlands.

Afterwards I defragged my harddrive. That gives me a good feeling watching all those clusters get back into line.

Oh, yeah, three older ladies felt obligated by my hat to kiss me at St. George's.

Sunday morning: Led class on Proverbs 26 (the Fool) and preached on Joy. I was not very happy with my effort, knowing that my prep was poor, but some folks liked it.

Birthday Party/Have a Safe Trip lunch for Matt at Kelsey's.

Then to St. Luke's for Deanery Youth Unit meeting, supper and "Deeper Water" service (with Eucharist). Helped Kara and her visiting sister, Pam, lead worship. Cake and coffee afterwards. Talked with Kara (former MPC staff) re. people we know from Manitoba Pioneer Camp and how much we both enjoyed our times there and the intelligent atmosphere of the place.

Shovelled the snow in Hull's parking lot and then came home.

So there you have it.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Today I met Jenn Barker

So for two years I've been hearing about Jenn Barker from Robin and Shroom and tonight she was actually leading the program for Saturday Night Life (at which Robin and I play). So now I've actually met her. I just thought that was worth noting.

And last night I scored. Paul Muzzin is a pretty good goalie but my wounded duck shot on his stick must have caused him to laugh and lose concentration. His stick wobbled and my shot dribbled in through the 5hole.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Carolling at Hull's Bookstore: Dec. 3/04


Nothing profound to say today (or ever?)

Hull's Bookstore asked Eric (who asked me) to provide some carollers for their extended Friday hours (open until 2100hrs). Due to sickness and other things it ended up being only Erica and me. Eric and the boys did join us for a bit while we sang outside. Inside I used my guitar and we experimented with slaughtering more challenging songs such as "The Holly and the Ivy" (at Paul Capon's request) and John (and Yoko) Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" (at no one's request). Fr. John Sovereign also helped me sing the self-contradictory "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" and soloed on "I Cannot Tell Why He Whom Angels Worship" to the tune of London Derriere.

I had a nice little chat in the kids room with Rianna and Heidi.

Hull's gave us gifts bags as thanks. Mine included a manly John Eldredge book and Erica's contained a Christian romance novel. My water bottle is orange and Erica's is pink.

| Outside |

| A passing priest joins in.|


Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hurt People Hurt People.

Last Wednesday I spent a Quiet Day at St. Paul's Anglican with Anglican clergy (and some Deanery staff and some Lutherans). A retired Bishop (Hockin) gave short talks based on text's from Handel's "Messiah" (bearing in mind that it was the librettist who culled and arranged these texts from Scripture). Charles Jennens is usually named as this man, but
argues that a Dr. Pooley deserves the credit.

Anyway, I liked the fact that this *retired* Anglican Bishop referred to the Simpsons (somewhat) favourably. And when later I pointed out that he had attributed to Ned something actually spoken by Maude, he rec'd the correction graciously.

But the quote from the day which I will remember the longest I expect was "Hurt people hurt people."

Not only is this a useful thought, but it demonstrates the usefulness of standardized punctuation.

I can't recall whom the Bishop was quoting. I don't think it was the Simpsons. But, as the Handel/Jennens/Pooley (& maybe the Ned/Maude) story illustrates, perhaps someone other than the originator will be given the credit centuries from now.

Who know? Maybe it will be creditted to *me*!

Monday, November 29, 2004


This coming Sunday evening (Dec. 5) we will be having our fourth coffeehouse (in this series)in the basement of the Northwood Park Church of Christ (corner of Redwood and Edward Streets) 1900hrs to c. 2200hrs. Its coffee nickname is "Double Double". Get it?

I'm not sure what I'll be performing. Bass player Robin will be at a geek conference and so I can decide at the last minute, unless I think rehearsing alone might be worthwhile anyway. I may dig deep into my back catalogue of songs &/or poetry.

Sylvia plans to sing some Sarah MacLachlin accompanied by me. Gord Ellis Jr. will put in an appearance on moose call (or guitar). Tim (plus Miriam and Chris M.) are planning a performance piece of his poetry. Erica is putting together another set. Peter Fergus-Moore will be singing this time, too. I expect others will participate as well.

This event would be announced on local CBC-1 as a "fun-free event". (I think they mean "a free, fun event".)

34 Friends

I did some calculating recently and it seems to me that I had 34 people come to see "The Hound of the Baskervilles" more than likely in order to see me as Barrymore. That's counting Tim twice. That is encouraging. So thank you to all of you.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

How to Give Yourself a Heart Attack

Today I learned that it does not work to enter your Library Card number as your Bank Card number when attempting to do on-line banking.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Travis's Birthday Party: Nov. 27/04


Three pics of his Simpson cake
made by Erica

[ 1 ]

[ 2 ]

[ 3 ]


Monday, November 22, 2004

"The Hound" is Dead

I've been using my involvement in Cambrian Players' "The Hound of the Baskervilles" as an excuse not to blog much -- because after all it is my *duty* to blog, i'nit? So, I do need an excuse.

Saturday night was closing night and so now I will attempt to return to regular blogging -- briefly each day, I hope.

A good friend asked me just before the last show whether I was sad/happy/anxious/excited. Replying after the show I said I was sad because it was fun and it's over, but that I'm also happy that no longer have to worry about whether tonight's the night I'll drop the tea service or screw up my lines in a big way -- bigger, that is, than calling "Sir Henry" (living) "Sir Charles" (dead). I think that was probably done at least once a show by somebody.

Well, that's all I'll say for today.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Wiring With George: Nov. 13/04


Dorothy and Richard were there as well. Richard took the photo and maybe "Dorothy" is in the Witness Protection Program.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sept. Oct. Activities Pictures

Pictures of my Sept. Oct. activities can be viewed at


Copy and paste these links if they are not clickable.

Activities include Frontline events including the IVCF Fundraising Dinner and Hallowe'en Food Drive, some things about my Anglican Youth Ministry job, my very own hockey card and my visit to the Ladies Room at "Fort William Historical Park".

Almost anything of mine that may interest you can be accessed from , if you need to remember something simple.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Next project and hugs

Of course I *do* have many "next projects" already (including my new job!). But what figures most prominently in my schedule now (almost all evenings for a while) is "The Hound of the Baskervilles".

Yesterday Gabe the director addressed what I expected that he would have to: the scene in which my "wife" cries and so far I stand there and do nothing. I wasn't offended when he said I was a heartless so-and-so; I told him that I *do* need direction with this.

Now, when I say that, because I've never been married or even close to it, I don't know how to react to my "wife" crying, I realize that many of you married guys might say, "Neither do I!"

But anyway, when one of the cast well-meaningly said, "You're not a touchy-feely type" it was close enough to the truth that I let it go (and that wasn't the time for discussion anyway).

In this instance, I *have* been feeling for her, especially as each time she cranks up the emotion more and more. I actually feel as if I should hold her much sooner than Gabe has now directed me to do -- and I think I would with a really good friend and imagine I would try with a wife. But in this case she would have to do this entire speech clutched in my arms. In response to this I suspect Gabe would say, "If you feel like doing it, do it and then *I* will tell you to back off." (or maybe my "wife" will!!)

As for not being a touchy-feely type, for some reason I do have that rep and I don't feel it's entirely fair:

First of all, I *do* like being hugged. As a matter of principle I do appreciate the "offer-to-hug" pose as an invitation. This allows for the hypothetical refusal of the offer, but I don't think I ever refuse.

I don't go around initiating hugs often because

1) Something in me does feel as if it's (potentially) invasive. (This is the way in which my rep is accurate.)

2) I'm not entirely sure of my motives, especially when hugged by a woman, because that *is* pleasant. With very few exceptions in my life, so far, these times are relatively brief. As well there are no other actions involved which could be confusing. And so this is mostly a theoretical issue and needn't bother anyone else, since it's always over so quickly.

(The exceptions BTW are mostly some times of extreme grief in my life and the non-confusing comfort of a long-time *married* friend and relatives.)

Maybe this is not fair and sexist, but I tend to be suspicious of boys/men who go around often hugging girls/women -- but maybe that is simply my own projecting of my mixed motives onto them.

OTOH I don't have the same suspicions of girls/women. This bothers me because it is actually *not* a compliment to an entire gender to consider them naive, well-meaning and always pure in motives.

It may just be that whenever I of any *specific* huggy women I hate to think of them as impure in motives at all. And then I generalize.And any of the guys I think of were going around hugging the women I'd like to.

So maybe I'm just jealous.
And maybe some of you think, "Stop thinking about this so much, Richard." Just take things as they come and enjoy yourself. Well, there's something to that and maybe the fact that I have been

philosophizing about this so much shows that I am indeed not a (naturally) "touchy/feely" person. But I am what I am.

I need a hug.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

IV/ISCF 60th Anniversary Banquet: Oct. 22/04


Not in chronological order:

Here are a few pix of the earliest days from the presentation made that night. Others are scattered throughout this blog, usually tagged "iscf".

The 20s - 40s

The 50s

Mrs. Plunkett

Miss Moyer

Don Merritt

Donna (Beer) MacMaster

The 60s & 1971


The 90s


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Coffeehouse: Oct. 17/04


The Crowd



Sorry to all my blog fans. I am quite busy these days with prepping for the IVCF Fundraising Banquet on Friday. We're putting together a retrospective on IVCF in Thunder Bay (c. 60 years) and I (with help from the programme committee and Annika the ISCF worker) have been writing the script, scanning (and vidcapping) pictures and doing some work on the music. It's been stressful at times, but others are working hard too and there are pleasant aspects to it as well.


Monday, September 27, 2004

My Crappy/Hockey Life Skills

Okay, I'll do this later. I'm supposed to be working on something else. Stay tuned.

Love in "The U.S. of Leland"

Yday Tim and I watched "The United States of Leland". In it a character (a teenager written presumably by an adult) says that "love" (or was it "being *in* love")is thinking about someone constantly, waking up and going to sleep thinking about him/her.

Now I was influenced years ago by M. Scott Peck's Road Less Travelled in which he theorizes that what is being described above is actually more of a necessary temporary obsessive insanity (involving chemical reactions) intended by "Nature" for the continuance of the human race. So I'm going to call that "being in love" rather than "love" as such.

Don't forget that Peck and I did say "necessary".

OTOH I'm just going to lob the idea out there to my millions of readers that my observations thus far lead me to suggest that a better def'n of love itself would have to do with whom you can't help but think about when you are faced with death, even if it's someone you're not obsessing over every minute prior to that.

This hypothesis is fairly difficult to test under experimental conditions.

But anyway, what do you think?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hound of Baskervilles First Reading

Last night was the first read-through of Cambrian Players' "The Hound of the Baskervilles". The stage directions described my character as tall, handsome and bearded. Norm ("Dr. Watson") said, "Well, you'll have the beard." ha ha Norm. I replied, "What? I'm not that short." ha ha

Lots of laughs. However, it's not a comedy.
I mention Norm by name, because some of you had him as a teacher, I believe.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Karen M.'s Birthday Party: Sept. 11/04



Other blog

I am blogging at occasionally as well. A followup to 9/11 thoughts is there today.

Do You Remember What Day It Is?

Well, likely you do if you have occasion today to say the date out loud since the words "September 11th" or "Nine Eleven" have been seared into our memories, evoking a Pavlovian response of "oooo". (I prefer to say "Eleven of Nine", but maybe that's flippant.)

The story of this year's memorial ceremony was the lead story on CBC news, but it's not as if this year the whole day is being dedicated to broadcasting the reading of the names etc.

I suppose it's part of moving on. Friends and family members will always remember this date, but a time will come when it's a footnote in the news broadcasts or relegated to "This Date in History" features.

And, of course, in other parts of the world other dates have been more significant, which we have already forgotten if we ever knew them. In Southern Russia they have a new date to remember for the rests of their lives. I likely will forget. They likely don't care much about today's date.

I'm blabbing about this in an attempt to break free of my own focus on my own personal set of dates and to connect with tragedies beyond myself.

Friday, September 10, 2004

I've Got a Job

So do you. It's right there in your Bible just before Psalms.

But seriously folks

I was interviewed on Wednesday for the job of part-time (25%)Youth Facilitator for the Anglican Deanery of Thunder Bay and today they phoned and told me that I have been chosen for the job. (The initial contract lasts only until Feb. '05.)

So next week I'll have some mtgs and sign paperwork and so maybe I'll leave it until then to describe my duties.

Yeah, so it had been a long time since I've had a job interview. I had one for my 2 year job at TBay Christian School in 1983. I remember having a little interview at the end of summer '86 when I came on with CSSM (part-time at that point), but I don't recall ever having to anything about an application or references. And I wasn't asked to get a police check until '03 (but I was getting one for ISCF anyway).

(But Elaine through her Camping Association work tended to be up to speed on such issues and so yes during the past several years many of the volunteer staff were referenced and checked for what that's worth.)

One interview question was to give my favourite scripture. I quoted several from Psalms, including 40, due to its connection with ISCF/Frontline (and my listening to U2's version recently). For the NT I gave 1 Tim. 1:7 "Fo-o-o-o-o-o-r, God has not given us a spirit of fear etc. etc." I didnt do the actions.

A tough (but standard) question was what I liked the most and the least about my past job.

Basic answer: the summer and the winter (respectively) because in the former we had focus and teamwork and the volunteer staff. I knew where I stood (or thought I did), but in the latter season I tended to feel left out and unsure of how my contributions were regarded. (I believed in their value, however, if I may say so.)

At one point I was explaining my preference for Hegelian thinking in teamwork (thesis vs. antithesis resulting in synthesis), meaning that in a teamwork setting I wish we *would* sit around the table at regular intervals and hash through the issues, *expecting* and *valuing* a diversity of opinions. I explained that I learned this in my highschool Communist history class.

Then because I was sitting at a little table in front of a row of three interviewers, I added "But I am not now, nor have I ever been a Communist."

But I've got to go have lunch with Tim and Kia and Juliet and do some more prep for my "gig" this afternoon leading games for the Homeschoolers. I'm also doing something similar on Sunday for St. Michael and All the Angels.

I hope that at least most of the angels appreciate it. :)

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'm Proud of My Mummy

Last night my Dad said "free food" so I jumped. I knew I was attending FW Rotary as a guest on the occasion of his and my mother's receiving some extra pins for donations to the Rotary Foundation.

But I didn't realize that my Mum was also being awarded the FW Rotary Club's highest honour: The Gordon and Vance Judge Award.

This was exceptional as my mother is not actually a Rotarian herself.

(Yes, women have been Rotarians for years!)

The award was particularly in recognition of the loyalty, perseverance and determination she showed in supporting my father through his year as District Governor, despite the recent amputation of his leg.

My father, of course, showed a lot of grit during that year as well, but I know he would say he could not have done it without my mother, who, in addition to many other tasks, did all of the driving around the district. In all our family trips my mother's preference was that my Dad be the long-distance driver.

So congratulations, Mum. I'm proud of you. I wish I could have hugged you longer, but it really did hurt my bruised ribs.

That I'll explain at some other time.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

"I'm like"

I find the "I'm like, 'What'd you do last night?'; He's like, 'Nothin''; I'm like, 'Really?'; "He's like, etc." style of reporting a conversation so annoying


then I think. How do I report conversations (and how did I do so when I was a teenager)?

Is "I said...he said...I said...etc." that much more interesting?

And likely I said/say "I say...he says...I say", using what I will call the Narrative Present. (If that's not its real name, it should be.)

Note that we use the present for the future as well: "I'm meeting with Oswald tomorrow."

I'm considering resolving to report conversations creatively from now on:

"What did you do yesterday?" I queried.

"Nothin'" he muttered disconsolately.

"Really?" I probed inquisitively.

"Yeah, really!" he spat venomously.

"Hey, calm down. That's cool." I offered diplomatically.

Now that would never get annoying.

Cutting Edge Praise Song

More news about great but rainy time at MPC for "ISCF" Leaders Camp later.

But for now the cutting edge praise song I wrote while there inspired by something said and a bit of Strong Bad.

Oh, God, You're so freakin' awesome.
I'm like, "You da bomb!"
You're like, "I uber love you."
I'm like, "You make me say 'woot'."

Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).

Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).

Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).

Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).
Men: Woot (Women echo: Woot).

Return to start. Sing ad nauseum.

If you're Bad, I'll give you the chords.


Monday, September 06, 2004

Thursday, September 02, 2004

If you space prose a certain way, it looks like poetry.

Songs about trying make me cry.
Sitting by Sandstone Lake I read the words
to Leonard's Bird on a Wire and I broke into tears.

Like a bird on a wire,
Like a drunk in a midnight choir,
I have tried in my way to be free.

I tried. I tried. I tried so hard.
By my way wasn't their way.
And when they told me what their way was,
I was willing to try that.
But that isn't what they wanted.
It's me they didn't want.

They tell my friends that they don't know the whole story.
But fact is
They haven't even told *me* my whole story,
That is, what they think my story is.

God alone knows my whole story.
They know only enough to prop up their story.

What of the part of my story of my trying
and God's Grace
and actually making progress in this life?

The vector, not the point.

And certainly not the past,
Which we agreed could teach us lessons but
Not be a weapon.

(Or so I thought).

"THIS is the starting point."
You'd better hope so, buddy boy.
I know a smidge of your story, too.

And then there's the whole story of
The Place itself
More and more of which I'm learning since I left.

And by the way
To come around to some sort of close
Songs about crying make me try.

How long must I sing this song?

Poem Type Thing

Something better to do
Than scribble here.
Draw on your eyes
To empty your pen
And bleed your heart.
Speak Portuguese
For all I care.
Spit softly.
Scream at the moon
And hide from the sun,
But don't don't don't
Waste your time.

Survey Type Thing Revised

Okay so I went ahead and did one of those survey type things:

The \\
Last Cigarette:Never
Last Alcoholic Drink:White wine in Germany Dec. '02
Last Car Ride:Last night going home from Paul's after losing "Star Wars Life" again.
Last Kiss:Never
Last Good Cry:April 19/2004 (got fired)
Last Disappointment:2 weeks before that DBC insisted I agree to their reintegration plan. I did and then it never began.
Last Library Book:Maybe a travel guide on Germany
Last book bought:Hop on Pop (from Salvation Army Thrift)
Last Book Read:Lester Del Rey Sci Fi Anthology
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Harry Potter III
Last Movie Rented:(from library) Catch Me If You Can
Last Cuss Word Uttered:define cuss word
Last Beverage Drank:coffee
Last Food Consumed:toast with pb
Last Crush:I think Bev Thompson on Canada AM is cute. Does anyone answer this seriously?
Last Phone Call:To Tim from Paul's
Last TV Show Watched:Canada AM (blush)
Last CD Played:Maybe Strongbad Sings and Other Type Hits
Last Annoyance:road construction
Last Key Used:Back door key
Last Chair Sat In:This one in front of PC
Last Webpage Visited:
Fave Spinal Tap Quote:We're makin' fun o' that sor' o' thing.
Fave Ex-CBC Radio Host:Dave Stephens: Ont. Today
Fave Musical Key:Dm: It's the saddest.
Picard or Kirk?:Chekov