Saturday, July 31, 2004

Camp Gitchigomee 2004


Photos in random order.

Senior Week

Intermediate Week


Saturday, July 17, 2004

Monday, July 12, 2004

George M.'s Birthday Party: July 12/04


Eric(a)'s kids


Blues Fest

Not a lot to report on the Blues Festival, but Robin had a free ticket from tbaytel and so we split the cost of mine (plus he bought me snacks. Thank you.)

We caught the end of one act which I forget, followed by Canned Heat (two lead guitarists, so that was cool), Big Walter Smith and finally Edgar Winter. (I thought he and Johnny got shot by Homer in a Hallowe'en episode.)

Robin liked to comment as each song started up, "I've heard this one before." But Edgar's stuff stretched the boundaries of the 12 bars blues more than did the previous acts. So just what are or is the Blues and does EW as a headliner act demonstrate that maybe Blues fans don't really want to listen to the Blues all night?

But after we'd heard a few EW songs, even though they were more interesting and the musicianship was great, both Robin and I decided we wanted to beat the rush leaving. I told R that I really liked EW's "Frankenstein" instrumental, but what were the chances that of all his (& Johnny's) songs that he would play it? "Play Frankenstein!" I called out jokingly and not loudly. (Plus we were very far from the stage.)

EW then put on his strap-on-keyboard (which he claims to have invented) and launched into introducing...Frankenstein (which I think is his nickname for the keyboard).

My enjoyment of the piece and of previous tunes was diminished somewhat by the blonde lady in white shorts (Fern Favot-like in appearance says R) who liked to stand up in front of me wherever I moved my chair (seriously!). It wasn't that she wanted a better view of the stage -- because she would often be facing *away* from the stage, talking to her friends and (apparently) paying little attention to the music.

Hey, lady! You know who you are!!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Homeschooling discussion at Kuchtas'

Tuesday evening we had a goodbye party at Vickers Park for Paula, Nathan and Lydia Taylor (David, too, but he wasn't there).

After that we gathered at S & KK's to hang out with Lance and Brenna while they were in town briefly.

The best part of the evening for me was the c. midnight discussion of homeschooling (sometimes almost an interrogation of Robin). The women (S, B and Zuly) had ended up in the kitchen (talking, that is) and the men lounged around in the living room, smoking cigars and drinking brandy (except sans cigars or brandy).

I was the eldest there and I guess L was the youngest. I actually didn't say much, because I'm finding these days that I have trouble speaking up in conversations of more than c. 3 people.

It was so impressive how mature and reasonable this discussion was. I remember all of those guys (except Glenn E) as kids (or teens) and L was originally (to me) this cheeky 12 year old who would clutch and grab in floor hockey and just grin about it and now he is so articulate.

(However, I suppose that wouldn't preclude his clutching and grabbing again in floor hockey.)

Saturday, July 03, 2004


I scored twice last night in Friday Night Hockey: one near the start of the game on the backhand, bounced off a defender into the short side. The second on my last shift was on my forehand on the short side again. Both were pretty weak shots (of course).

Both my linemates on the Church of Christ line also scored: Tim (1) and Eric (3 I think).

I believe we outscored our other line, the Redwood line (Paul, Art and Brad).

Maybe it's that they were Seeker-Friendly, always seeking someone to pass to, but not finding anyone.

OTOH we were a little Holy Huddle with our give and go, refusing to involve those outsiders who didn't dress like us.

Al was insisting before the game that Christianity gets set aside once we're on the ice -- but maybe certain versions of Christianity just work better than others.

Or maybe we were lucky.