Monday, July 31, 2006

More Pix from the Old Fort in July '06

I recently received my discopix from the NSRA Leadership Camp back in July. I'm not allowed to post pix of the minors involved, but here's a few more of me.

At first I wondered what ever happened to the t-shirts I'm wearing in the pix, but then I realized that they belong to Eric. We thought we were going to be in period costume for the week and didn't bring many clothes. So I put a call in to the husband of the NSRA CEO (at that time) and she delivered some of his clothes to me to wear.

Egg Basket with Parachute

Making a nail

Here are some more pix. Some of the minors are in them, but you can't identify them. They are not in chronological order.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Harbron Hullabaloo July 29/06

Guest of Honour: Erin James
(Emma not pictured)


Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 9 - 15

Here are my crafts done at the Old Fort (the previous week): a wooden nutcracker, a tin nutmeg grater, moccasins (to be finished), a wooden "Jacob's Ladder", a nail hammered on an anvil, beaded anklets and a felt and sequins nametag.

This last week I was at Junior camp at Camp Gitchigomee. I ended up being in a cabin, looking after 8 boys. I'll tell you more, but right now I'm too tired. My apologies to any cabin staff over the years who ever felt as if I expected them to go beyond expectations. I've begun to watch for that failing in myself in recent summers, but I can't guarantee to have avoided it always.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

BBQ for the Georgia Gang: Sun. July 9/06


Behind Sponge Bob are Sonny and Geri. Kolton has his arm around Clifford. Mitch and Bev are standing behind Cliff. (Mitch is behind Greg.)

Thank you, Melos, for hosting this BBQ.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pix re. previous post

Adam's and my egg survived its descent from the Observatory. One other team's did as well, though they made the parachute of the birch bark and the basket of the cloth.
I udderly refuse to make any obvious pun here.

A second later and this pic would have featured a lot of smoke.

The Fort staffperson is Serena Ireland who used to help with Horsemanship at Dorion Bible Camp. The other staffperson behind the horses is Zach Reszitnyk of St. Thomas' Anglican/Camp Gitchigomee.

I won't be able to post photos picturing any of the campers -- but it's ME you want to see anyway, isn't it?!

(Sorry, no pix of my hattrick or my goalmouth scuffle.)

Check for a few recent church pix at