Wednesday, May 31, 2006

These Mille Collines

When I say "I'm watching such and such a movie", I mean I'm watching c. 1/2 hour at a time while eating my meals.

So, recently I was watching "Hotel Rwanda" and for those few days I kept having Jacob's Trouble's "These Thousand Hills" running through my head.

I didn't know why until I thought (for a nanosecond) about the name of the hotel: Les Mille Collines.

Sometimes I wonder recently if my brain is working okay, but I guess my subconscious is.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rick Three is in town

Rick dropped in on Tim and me last Friday and joined us for lunch. He returns to K-Dub for June 12.
Last Sat. night I played King Richard IV who had a nightmare
that he was at a children's music recital at the Finnish Free Church. I mean a "dream". (Actually, it was fun -- and they gave me snacks and a wine cooler during the show.)
The herald beside me is one of Peter H.'s younger brothers.

Parked outside St. Tom's last Sunday. I just thought these two vehicles together was an intesting sight.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Church of Christ 40th Anniversary: May 19 - 21/06

Last weekend was the Northwood Park Church of Christ's 40th (Approx.) Anniversary. Pix from Friday & Saturday's events may be seen at my Flickr account. Some Sunday pix are at

After that I spent Sunday evening and Monday at Camp Gitchigomee's Work Weekend. Tuesday night I had a movie night with my youth group watching "Shake Hands With the Devil" re. the '94 Rwandan Genocide. Merchant rehearsals are three times a week and soon to be almost every night. We open June 8th. I'll be wearing the same suit I wore for "Julius Caesar" in '03.

Parnelli P. Pinhead emerged from a box in my basement to attend the reunion (and entertain Kristian who wanted to "adjust" his ears). Parnelli used to attend VBS and Sunday School, but has since fallen away from regular attendance. I understand that he still believes in his heart.

Gord Ellis (Jr.) and I performed Dylan's "I Shall Be Released".

Pix from our May 19-21 40th Anniversary Celebration may be viewed at Richard's Flickr page

It's better to view the "Set" rather than the main pages, because there the pix are roughly in order.

Fri. May 19

Sat. May 20

May 20 Banquet

Sun. May 21