Monday, March 30, 2009

"Office Hours" by Cambrian Players

This comedy by Norm Foster ran seven nights starting March 26th at the Paramount Theatre (yes, "upstairs from Wiggles and Giggles") to great reviews. I wasn't part of the cast, but did sell tickets at the door on the 27th. However, this picture of Richard Penney's family could be called the "Pepper Family". I am told that in one rehearsal this character (a recently outed gay lawyer) acquired my name!

Birthday Celebrations with Family: Mar. 29/09

Most of the cake had been eaten at my Thursday evening Surprise Party.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Celebrations - The Sequel: March 26th (Surprise!)

I had made plans with friends to celebrate my birthday after Thursday Night Small Group. I knew my family would have a party for me the following Sunday, but I figured that was it for celebrations.

I rode the elevator with Doug, Jenn and the B - Man, but when it opened it wasn't my mother's floor; it was the basement where the condo's party room is. I thought I'd pressed the wrong button, but it was Jenn who had pressed it. I walked right past the sign giving instructions to the guests as to how to get to the party.

"Durn handwriting's too small!"

"Hey Ed! Here's your coffee!"

"Gee, folks, I'm Touched!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday Celebrations: March 25th


I stopped by Bill and Wendy's and played Cars and Cards with my little buddy. This was the first time he spoke my name!

Then I carried on to a LOTR Society meeting I had heard about on the radio. There I had a reunion with a friend from Dorion Bible Camp: "The Cook Formerly Known as Inez".


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paul & Jenny Abell's visit: March 2009

Paul Abell speaking at St. Luke's Anglican about Creation care on behalf of the organization A Rocha: March 16.

Paul Abell and Frances Bennett-Sutton speaking at LUCF about Creation care on behalf of the organization A Rocha: March 20.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crokinole Tourney 2009 (March 14)

I won 5/5 games and Gord Jr. won 4 and the shootout against the other 4 game winners.

Bowing down before the Crokinole gods!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I recently filled out my annual (since 2004) staff application for Manitoba Pioneer Camp. They ask if I am a part of a Christian community (aka "church"). I was already Minister of Northwood Church last year, but another year of experience led me to answer: "I am the Minister. Does that make me a part or apart?"

Professional distance? Peer support *outside* my "workplace"? The need to "be there" for others, even while reeling from my own sadness? Being strong in order to encourage others even when I'm not strong? Faking it?!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Playing in My Office After Church: Mar. 8/09

Lightning McQueen!!

He insisted on drawing something on each of my four etch-a-sketches.

The object of the game is fill it with red pieces and then dump them out.

The following week he popped in again and chose most of the same toys, until it was time to go help Grampa raise the screen and turn out the lights. When it was time to go, he very politely made sure he gave back the red playing piece he still had.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Lightning McQueen!!

He hangs out in my office waiting to be played with.

Open Mike "Poetry"

On Tuesday evening I went to hear my friend Doug Livingston (Sr.) read his poetry at the NOWW gathering at the library.

They asked for poems for the open mike times as well (max. one per reader).

So I read this postcard story -- poetically:

Doggie fetched the cloth things. "Good Doggie."

Doggie wished Mannie knew his name. The cloth things had names: Skipper and Chipper. "Fetch Skipper and Chipper, Doggie." Mannie would say and, once Doggie had done so, Mannie would put Skipper and Chipper on his feet and pat Doggie on the head, "Good Doggie".

The white box which Mannie used to make his food hot was named "Jove". The other white box which Mannie used to make his food cold he called "Midge". And Mannie ate his food off Kate while she sat on Mabel.

But Doggie was "Doggie" and he knew that that wasn't a real name. So he called Mannie "Mannie" in his head. He thought Mannie did have a real name, Alegs or something like that, which he used while talking through Joan. "Hi, this is Alegs."

But there was never anyone else in the apartment and so Doggie heard this name infrequently and wasn't sure he had it right. Mannie used Joan very little and usually seemed unhappy after he had. He would sit in Cher and hold Doggie on his lap. Together they would watch Stevie late into the night.

-- Richard Pepper

I received some positive comments, and so I may enter it into their contest.

The wife of one the other readers had been a Dorion Bible Camp-er and now teaches voice and piano. She stayed behind to say nice things about the music at Dorion, and said she regretted missing my "poem". So I gave it to her.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It has been said that preachers are supposed to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" and I try not to overdo one or the other, but I am concerned that each group might hear the message for the other and leave in a worse state than before.

A quick Google suggests that journalists and preachers disagree with who borrowed this quote from whom.