Friday, March 13, 2009


I recently filled out my annual (since 2004) staff application for Manitoba Pioneer Camp. They ask if I am a part of a Christian community (aka "church"). I was already Minister of Northwood Church last year, but another year of experience led me to answer: "I am the Minister. Does that make me a part or apart?"

Professional distance? Peer support *outside* my "workplace"? The need to "be there" for others, even while reeling from my own sadness? Being strong in order to encourage others even when I'm not strong? Faking it?!

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reppepper said...

I hope I don't sound crabby. The fact is that I *do* have support outside of my "workplace", and the adjustment to being sort of "superhuman" is tricky, since it's the church I grew up in, but there is something of an expectation like that, though no one would word it that way.