Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Catch-up Pix

Blogger has been a bit stupid recently about posting pix. (I want my money back!!)

Today it's co-operating and I posted a bunch of pix of recent activities over at northwoodparkchurch.blogspot.com, but since they're already uploaded I think I'll just copy and paste the code here, too.

Some pix from the Farewell Party for Eric, Erica,
Haaken, Liam and Greg.

Oct. 28/06

John: a man of few words.

Tea time for Greg.

Smile! You're on the Internet!

... but no pix of Kristian! He was sick. :(

Sadly, I just missed the actual dedication of Kristian, Delia and Calvin on Oct. 29, arriving just after the vows were made, but the parents know that I was there in my heart. I expect to receive some photos that others took.

Still feeling a bit poorly.

Feeling comfy.

Kristian went trick or treating in an iPod costume made (and worn) by his Uncle Travis. It's not clear who ended up eating his treats.

Aw! It's a baby in a box! How cute!

Kristian's first ever Hallowe'en treats

There are no pix of his egging the unresponsive houses later.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Cousins (for Shroom)

According to When Is a Pig a Hog? by Bernice Randall "The term cousin is now applied to the child of one's uncle or aunt, as is first cousin, full cousin or cousin-german... One's second cousin is a child of one's parent's first cousin...One's cousin once removed is either is either a child of one's own first cousin or a first cousin of one's parent."

So at a Family Reunion you might tend to hang around with your cousins(first, second, third) because they would be your generation (and often c. your age). You might have to babysit your cousins once (or esp. twice) removed or possibly be babysat by them.

You share grandparents with your first cousins, great-grandparents with your second cousins (and, I assume, great-great-grandparents with your third and so on).

So I think that makes Andrew Foulds Shroom's second cousin (the son of his Dad's cousin Jim). Your chart, Shroom, appears to put him at your generation and you share great-grandparents.

I think that is what you said in the first place.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

DYU Hallowe'en Food Collection: Oct. 28/06


The Anglican DYU went door to door in St. Thomas' neighbourhood in Hallowe'en costumes collecting for the food bank. I wore my Darth Vader suit.


Eric's Last Night at Robin's After F.N. Hockey: Oct. 27/28 '06



Thursday, October 26, 2006

St. Thomas' Anglican Youth: Oct. 26/06



Cockburn Concert

October 25, Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Wondering Where the Lions Are
Jerusalem Poker
Life Short Call Now
Beautiful Creatures
End of All Rivers (Instrumental)
Different When It Comes to You
[Intro of Gary Craig and Julie Wolf]
Last Night of the World
Wait No More
Dust and Diesel
This is Baghdad
Tell the Universe
Put It in Your Heart
Slow Down Fast
If a Tree Falls
First Encore:
Live on My Mind (sung by Julie)
If I Had a Rocket Launcher
Second Encore:
See You Tomorrow
Nude Descending a Staircase (Instr.)
I won't offer a review, except to say that a Christian friend of mine who attended said it was all so "hopeless". I disagree. Even disregarding "Mystery" (which would be a big oversight) the impression I got was: Yes it is a dangerous time, but we are still lovers.

Hanging out with the boys Oct. 25/06

"Hey, Richard has a camera!!"

Toothy grin

John and Kristian like to watch trucks through the front windows.
I missed photographing it. So we tried to stage it.

"No, John. Look OUT the window!"

I'm not sure what the climbing was about.
That was unique to the staged photos.

"We're stuck. Must be engine trouble."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Our first time at the new Shelter House: Oct. 24/06


Now called "Rotary House"

L-R John Whitfield, David Wark, Diane Whitfield, Gord Ellis Sr., Rauni Griffiths (partially hidden), Douglas Livingston. Photo by Richard Pepper.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Life of Jesus Vid Questions

My Mum and I like watching vids of the "Holy Land" since visiting there in 2000. Many of them take you through the life of Jesus and point out the various locations of miracles etc. Even those that are trying to be terribly edgy and revisionist and accurate to the text/history and not tradition still stumble into saying "the three Magi" and so forth.

Anyway, two questions arose in my mind from this latest one whose title I've forgotten and whose title I am not interested in going downstairs to find.

1) What was the point of Pilate's wife's dream? Did God send it? Was God trying to prevent Christ's being condemned by Pilate? Wasn't it all God's plan anyway?

2) This may be more a critique of interpretation than the text itself:

The video says (as many of us do) that, when Christ was tested by the Pharisees re. the adulterous woman, He could not say "let her go" without undermining the Law and He couldn't say "stone her" without undermining His message of compassion on sinners (assuming that was His message).

So He comes up with His clever answer and disperses the crowd. Then *in private* He, though the only one in fact qualified to throw the first stone, fails to do His duty according to the Law, does not throw the stone, says "Neither do I condemn you" and lets her go!

Someone reading the story for the first time and with no prior commitment to regarding Christ as honourable in all He did might suspect that He was afraid to say what He really thought in front of His enemies and came up with a way to do it that was --- cowardly(?!)

He did on other occasions (when people didn't have stones in their hands) say that mercy triumphs over justice. Isn't this what happened here? Why not say so from the start?

What do you think?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

St. Thomas' Anglican Youth: Oct. 15/06




Eric finally got off the injury list and so this past Friday we put together another CoC line (Tim, Eric and I). Tim said I was the best player he had ever seen. No, wait -- it was "that's the best I've ever seen you play".

My goal went off my skates to my stick and in. There was no intention (kicking etc.) as it hit my skates (for those who say it went in off my skates and shouldn't count). There was no intention in my stick use either, but that's irrelevant.

I got an assist to Eric, a little flip pass from the side of the net. I often try that play, but Eric's the guy to have in front, because he has nice hands.

Their big defenseman was toppling over about to fall on me at one point and I said aloud, "I'm going to die." He managed to keep himself upright and I didn't die.

Later he rubbed me out along the boards as I attempted to pursue the puck, "This is illegal even in the NHL now." I said it with a laugh. He laughed too. I might as well laugh, because it's not going to stop. I could choose to believe that he perceived me to be a big threat if I got to the puck. Yeah, that's it.