Thursday, February 25, 2010

KLU Shows Off His Hockey Gear: Feb. 25/10


KLU had skating the next day at school and so walked into Thursday night Bible Study to show us his outfit.

I don't know how the blue dot got on his nose. I suspect "Uncle Travi".

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Camp Gitchigomee Annual General Mtg: Feb. 23/10

Because the Anglican Bishop of Algoma, Dr. Stephen Andrews, is an ex officio member of the Camp Gitchigomee board, he joined us on webcam, as you may be able to see in this picture.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Day at the SportsDome: Feb. 15/10

Camp Gitchigomee had a booth at this event, featuring some of my toys and games.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

R 'n' R Hymn Videos: Feb. 11/10

Ruth Bjorkman (klunkogal) is in my new circle of Cambrian Players Improv performers. I noticed in our email list that her last name is the same as an LU student I knew years ago, whom I then spotted in her Facebook friends. There I saw she is a "fan of the Bible" and (like her cousin) a Christian. We also became youtube friends and there she suggested we make some vids together.*

I gather that back home with her family she sings a lot of Gospel music, and she wanted someone here she could sing Christian music with. I guess my recent "Dorion Bible Camp" song vids led her to believe that I fit the bill.

So Feb. 11/10 we recorded these songs at her place. As you'll hear, she is quite adept at harmonizing. Bear in mind it takes two to harmonize; my job was to sing the melody (approximately). I've included out-takes of some of the hilarity that ensued.

* Not quite accurate. On youtube she suggested that we sing together; she asked about doing the videos with me at Jack's (a bar) where she was watching her boyfriend perform. I throw in the boyfriend factoid just in case any of you misperceive these and think I could have achieved a wonderful, talented girlfriend. I'd be flattered of course if you thought that (as some of the Senior Home residents do), but alas no. I doubt he'll ever read this, but I hope he thanks God every day for her.

I'm not sure if there'll be any more sessions. I hope so, but I think Ruth has a pretty full life. But this was fun.
Well, actually since then she has begun to join me in singing at Senior Homes. The residents and I appreciate what she is adding to these events and to my life for now.

But it's just one of those things to hold lightly, that I can't keep forever, but as I sing in "Time Tears Us Apart": Let's not waste the moments that He's given to us here. Let's recognize real treasures whenever they appear.
Jan. 2012 update. Jan. 24/11 was the last time we sang together. Sadly, apart from a brief "Hi there" in passing at LU one day, that was the last time I ever saw Ruth, as she has been working out of town a lot, and now, I gather, is back at LU. This was a nice and good musical association, but it's gone.

Monday, February 01, 2010

"Dorion Bible Camp" songs

Mainly as a way to learn to use iMovie, I made these vids of "Dorion Bible Camp" songs:

"Manipulation" Night for Arthritis Society: Jan. 30/10

Cambrian Players Improv Group was asked to participate in the "Manipulation" (a version of Monopoly) Fundraiser for the Arthritis Society, set in a Prohibition era speakeasy. Most of the time our actors wandered from table to table redistributing the money in creative ways. However, Nicole "Momma" also sang to Vince Mirabelli just before throwing him in jail, and we also staged a raid partway through, during which all those imbibing prohibited liquids were fined.

Some of the pix below are from the rehearsal at Cambrian's studio, and some are from the performance at the Da Vinci.

I think Ruth would like me to point out that she usually does not wear this much makeup (nor does she need to!). "It's called acting!"

Afterwards many of us went to Jack's to see "Rock Steady", still in our costumes! "[I] may be a lover, but [I] ain't no dancer" & so I remained seated. Ruth was on crutches and asked me to sit with her. Because of our costumes, I looked like the bodyguard for the boss's (aka the lead singer/guitarist) moll, to fend off the guys who hit on her. But actually she handles them well & didn't need me.

Four beautiful women
(counting Solaar in utero)