Saturday, August 31, 1996

Dorion Bible Camp 50th Anniversary Tribute Booklet


When you click on each page, it will probably open in a resized version. To read it, you will probably have to right-click on it and choose "View Image", "Open Image in Another Tab" or the like. Even then you may need to click on it with the magnifying glass icon which is likely to appear.

Note that the scenario I describe in my Preface of preparing to "fly away" with Jesus at the world's end was my view at the time.

However, I no longer believe that best describes the Biblical view of the Christian hope at the end of this age, especially NOT flying away to "somewhere in outer space" (good grief). I don't want to propagate that view here.

Rather I believe that at Christ's coming at the end of this age, He will usher in the Kingdom in its fullness, restoring His Creation as a New Heavens and Earth. "And Earth and Heav'n [will] be one" as the hymn says. I believe that the final state will be more earthly than we tend to imagine (as well as more heavenly!). If there is any flying up to meet Jesus is will be to join Him as He returns and does this work, not so that He can take us far away somewhere else.


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