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Dorion Bible Camp "Folklore" Book


From 1976 until 2002, I collected songs, skits, poems and other such works of creativity at Dorion Bible Camp into what I titled Folklore Books. Admittedly, many of the works were written by me: many, but not all!

In order to read the pages, once you've clicked on its thumbnail, you may need to right-click it and choose "View Image" or the like, and then probably used the magnifying glass which may appear as you mouse over.

Some of the pages (scripts for skits) have already been made into html pages, to which I've linked. Complete List I suggest opening them in a different tab in your browser, so that you can easily refer to this post.

Dorion Bible Camp Songbook from 1993 (PDF)

Another Version With Other Songs (webpage)


p. 1 Mayfly Mush

     To mp3 of this song.

p. 2 The Pillow-fighting Champ of Dorion Bible Camp

     To mp3 of this song.

pp. 3,4 Special Guests in the Early 80s (PDF)

p. 5

p. 6 Three Early Parody Songs (PDF)

p. 7 Dorion Bible Cult     PDF version

pp. 8,9 Fred Simpton: Summer Missionary     PDF version

pp. 10,11 My Fair Counsellor     PDF version

pp. 12,13 The Return of the Joboy     PDF version

pp. 14 - 16 The Sound of Camp     PDF version

pp. 17,18 Kitchen Trek: Search for Pots    PDF version

pp. 19,20 Archeologists Dig Up Dorion Bible Camp     PDF version

pp. 21,22 Dorion Bible Camp in the First Century     PDF version

pp. 23 - 25 Bob Dorion's song lyrics (PDF)      To a page of mp3s of Bob Dorion songs (and more).

p. 26 "Dorion Wars" & "How Not to Give to Missions" (PDF)

pp. 27,28 "Testimony Chapel Play By Play"     PDF version

p. 29 "We Might As Well All Go to Camp" (PDF)

p. 30 Revised Award Levels

p. 31 - 33 Revised Staff Policies (PDF)

p. 34 Drugs For Bugs (It Must Be Pic)

     To mp3 of this song.

p. 35 The True and Terrible Ballad of Evil Ed Gooch (with chords) (PDF)            To mp3 of this song.

p. 36 Gooch Carols (PDF)

p. 37 The True and Terrible Tale of Evil Ed Gooch     PDF version

p. 38

p. 39

p. 40

pp. 41 - 43 Back to the Camp     PDF version

p. 44 Fiddler on the Tukshop poster

pp. 45 - 50 Fiddler on the Tukshop     PDF version

p. 51

p. 52 Joklahoma poster

pp. 53 - 58 Joklahoma     PDF version

p. 59 Three Poems from 1987 (PDF)

p. 60 Kitchen Trek: The Next Degeneration     PDF version

pp. 61,62 The True and Tasteful Ballad of the Headless Kitchen Girl     PDF version
           To mp3 of this song.

pp. 63, 64 Stuck in a Cabin With Victor Wong (PDF)

p. 65 Swim Duty From Hell (PDF)

p. 66 ONOTIO Parody of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (PDF)

pp. 67,68 Zargons Infiltrate Dorion Bible Camp     PDF version       To mp3 of the song.

p. 69 Phantom of the Dining Hall poster

pp. 70 - 73 The Phantom of the Dining Hall     PDF version       Two Videos

pp. 74,75 The Dean Skit     PDF version

p. 76 "The ... Ballad of the James Family" (PDF)

p. 77 The 12 Weeks of Camp (PDF)

p. 78 Proverbs by Primaries (PDF)

p. 79 Frustration With Attendance Leaders Not Getting Their Lists In (PDF)

p. 80 McEachern Is Barker

pp. 81 - 83 Politically Correct Bible Camp    PDF version

p. 84 Regulations For All Employees (PDF)

pp. 85,86 Memories '93 (PDF)

pp. 87 Our Favourite Things (PDF)

p. 88 Mad-Lib Story About Dave M. (PDF)

pp. 89,90 Memories '94 (PDF)

p. 91 Sound Effects Story About Paula (PDF)

p. 92 Sound Effects Story About Neil (PDF)

p. 93 Sound Effects Story About Dean (PDF)

p. 94 Sound Effects Story About Brad (PDF)

pp. 95 - 97 Memories '95 (PDF)

p. 98 Award of Shroom

p. 99 - 100 Camper's Paradise (PDF)

pp. 101,102 Shroom's Monopoly Card

p. 103 Camp Song Parody for Judson/Harbron Wedding (PDF)

pp. 104 - 107 Memories '96 (PDF)

p. 108 Performances of "Bears" (PDF)      Youtube Playlist

pp. 109 - 111 Little Cabin Medley (PDF)      Youtube Playlist

p. 112 "We are the Board."

p. 113 The Seven of Hearts"

p. 114 Bonus Bob

p. 115 The Tiny Girl and Tiny Boy Poems Intro (PDF)

p. 116 "There Was Once a Tiny Girl"

p. 117 "The Tiny Girl (a Sequel)"

p. 118 "The Tiny Girl's Reply"

p. 119 "Haiku by The Tiny Boy"

p. 120 "Sonnet by the Tiny Girl"

p. 121 The Tiny Girl: The Final Word (PDF)

pp. 122,123 Sound Effects Story About Amy R. (PDF)

p. 124 The Twelve Days of Christmas Camp Memories by Jenni P. (PDF)

pp. 125 - 128 Memories '97 (PDF)

pp. 129 - 130 "You Sick Man" Medley (PDF)

pp. 131 - 133 Memories '98 (PDF)

p. 134 I Wanna Throw Up (PDF)

p. 135 Bear Muc Fruit

pp. 136 - 138 The Ten Commandments of This Table

pp. 139 - 142 Reincarnated Hits of the Sixties (PDF)

pp. 143 - 145 Memories '99 (PDF)

pp. 146 - 147 Memories 2000 (PDF)

p. 148 "It's My Swing"(PDF)

pp. 149 - 150 Memories 2001 (PDF)

p. 151 The Royal Table o' Fun

pp. 152 - 153 The Four Dorion Staff Members (PDF)

pp. 154 - 155 Memories 2002 (PDF)

p. 156

p. 157 To Be Continued (PDF)


Items Which Didn't Make the Revised Version:

The Compassionate Counsellor Test:        

All-Star Camp (not yet done)

Freshwater Shark Club (not yet done)

I think this skit may have been written by Jody Tauro c. 1983, maybe for a Variety Night in town:

. .

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