Monday, July 02, 2007

At the Old Fort with Doug Jr.: June 29/07

Paul Morrison gave me some BOGO coupons for the Old Fort. They expired June 29 and so I took my nephew Doug along that day. It was a nice quiet day, as there were very few tourists around. We managed to snag scones three separate times from the kitchen to sustain us and some bannock on the way out from the Ojibwe camp. I've often felt I would have enjoyed working at the Fort back in my university days (and I knew quite a few who did back then). Imagine how different my life would be now.

You may recognize this voyageur from Much Ado About Nothing. I was hoping that Cameron would be one of the partners that day, so that I could call him "sirrah" and have him retort "I am a gentleman, SIR!"

It's pretty hard to time the picture with the flash and smoke of a musket.

The cows and steers liked Doug.

We walked into the surgery and I told Dr. McLoughlin "This guy needs an enema. Give him the biggest one you've got."

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