Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not Scientist

I just received a phone call today in my office at the Northwood Park Church of Christ ("building", as we say) and answered it "Northwood Park Church" (as Tim used to). The woman was a bit confused "Isn't this the Christian Science church?" "No", I said. "That's a different name."

("It's a Gnostic Cult, lady!!" No, I decided not to say that.)

This is not the first person I've run into that thinks we are Christian Scientist or Mormons. I could (rudely) point out that in the former case there is a whole word of difference in our names and in the latter case five.

However, I'm pretty sure that in the world we actually live in, we'd be regarded as the "Mountain Cool" of churches, whether "we" had the name first or not (whoever "we" are).


Eric said...

Phone calls can get interesting. I once had someone visit the building with the nanny that they were hiring for their child to see if we were the right people (the nanny was wondering). We were not Iglasia De Christo or something like that ... it means the same thing but it is a group very much like the Boston Movement.

shroomAzoom said...

When I first told Jenn what building was yours she commented that she thought it was a JW building (lack of windows I suppose.)

Anyway, I'd say that you guys are more of a "Dr. Skipper" kind of church. :)

reppepper said...

Yes, Eric. A friend of mine went with YWAM to the Philippines and encountered that same group. As far as I know they are not even related to us historically (in a family tree offshoot kind of way like Boston).