Monday, April 28, 2008

Transparencies' Performances at the Coffee House du Cafe

Thank you to all who attended &/or participated in last night's Coffee House in the Northwood Park church basement.

There were poetry and short story readings by Doug Livingston Jr. and Sr., my niece Devha and Tim Lappala.

The Transparencies did not perform together. However, Robin did sing two songs by M. J. Hibbett: "Born With the Century" and "Easily Impressed".

Shroom led the "Oi, Harbron!" part from the crowd, and I joined in. So I suppose The Transparencies did perform together. We were also joined by Mike (who is not a Moron).

I sang 3 sets solo, though the first was really just a sound check as people gathered:

Bird on a Wire (Cohen)
Before Dawn (Pepper)
It Is Well With My Soul
Let It Rain (Clapton/Bramlett)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (Dylan)
Jesus on the Shore (Terry S. Taylor)
These Thousand Hills (Jacob's Trouble)
Be Thou My Vision
[I was also asked by Jenn Foulds to sing "Acadia Dry" and so I attempted to.]
Beatles Songs:
She's a Woman [Not a Pheasant]
For No One
Fixing a Hole
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Eleanor Rigby

That was actually a secret message "She's a woman for no one fixing a hole while my guitar gently weeps: Eleanor Rigby."

Thank you, too, to all who helped set up and take down the tables etc. and do dishes.

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