Sunday, October 05, 2008

Song Writer Contest Oct. 3 & 5/08

Elliott Doxtater-Wynn of CBC Radio One played a couple of songs, including a cool one in Open C tuning.

Official picture from Les Henderson who ran the contest. Thank you, Les.

Okay, so my entry for the Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge didn't win. I wonder where out of 15,000 I placed.

I didn't make the cut for the finals of the 3rd Annual Thunder Bay Song Writer Contest either (being held tonight).

Friday night I sang "Don't Be Afraid". I was happy with my performance. I'd transposed it down to E from G and I didn't mess up any chords or words. However, the voting was done 100% by the audience this time and, due to the lateness of my entry, I wasn't able to round up any friends.

Oh well, I met a couple of people and heard some good music. One audience member told me that she had voted for me.

Final Round: Oct. 5

Winner: Marley Giunta
(who was my bellydancer in a Murder Mystery in April)
and the runner-up: some beer-drinking country singer.

Caleb Joel Hawkins

accompanied by Wolfe Wall
(servant in "Romeo and Juliet")

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