Friday, December 26, 2008

Camp Drawings

The other day I found these two caricatures of yours truly in my box of office decorations I used to stick up on the wall of my Program Director corner at Dorion Bible Camp every summer.

The first was done in 1998 by the speaker for the week, Bob Knight.

I think Bob is still with CSSM. I felt some affinity with him back in those days when we'd meet at staff conferences because we listened to similar music. The conferences were a good time, but I always felt like I'd stepped into a time machine. Bob, though older than me, was an exception.

Bob would always draw caricatures of the campers during chapel. They were done very hastily and so were not (in my opinion) very convincing, but amused the campers (big ears and so on) nonetheless.

I had seen other pieces of Bob's work and knew it wasn't that he was untalented. At the end of the session in question he presented me with this very convincing caricature which, I suppose, he had worked on in his quarters (from memory? from sketches done unnoticed by me?). I was very impressed!

The second was done by a camper, David Hotson, and refers to the Tiny Troll Village (one of my favourite Christmas presents) I would set up every Primary Camp Christmas Eve during Dining Hall Decoration time.

I was at Dorion for 25 summers. One summer we tried Easter instead; it didn't work that well and we returned to Christmas. (No one heeded my suggestion of Hallowe'en. Kidding!!!)

In Summer 2003 I was on Health Leave. Each summer since then I've had Christmas at Gitchigomee Junior Week. That makes 30 Christmases in July!!!

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