Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cambrian Players 60th Anniversary Gala: May 30/09

Held May 30th at the Finlandia Hall. My role was to play guitar for Gabe and Kathryn Ferrazzo as they sang "La Mer".

Official Pix at

My table

My table from my seat

Leon and Ed

"Lighting Girl" Megan and Steve

Karl and Marianne Wahl, life members of Cambrian, long-time friends of my family, and responsible for recruiting me to Cambrian drama workshops as a child.

Bill Greaves was in the first production in 1949 ("Arsenic and Old Lace")

The Outsiders

Bev guest-singing with The Outsiders

I may be a lover, but I ain't no dancer. So I stayed in my seat and jammed along with the band on my acoustic guitar.

Gord Ellis Jr.

Alex Jecchinis, who has been in many Cambrian productions

The bare feet of the bass player

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