Monday, August 10, 2009

Days Three - Seven: Wed. Aug. 5 - 9/09

Wed. Aug. 5: Just before the weird rain at Blackfeather.

Wed. Aug. 5: Canoeing under someone's bridge.

Thu. Aug. 6: Cleaning up after Lazy Man's Perogies (supper the night before),
while prepping "Egg McMuffins" for breakfast (at Spike).

Thu. Aug. 6: Bagels at the end of Dead Man's Portage.

Thu. Aug. 6: Bottles we found at Cochrane. Note the stubbies.

Thu. Aug. 6: Pita Pizzas at Cochrane.

Fri. Aug. 7: The Mystery Cabin.

Fri. Aug. 7: Tip Wars at Picture Rock.

Fri. Aug. 7: Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken & Rice at Picture Rock.

Sat. Aug. 8: Granola for breakfast.

Sat. Aug. 8: The girls from Camp Stevens setting out for Dead Man's Portage
much earlier than we did.

Sat. Aug. 8: The weeds at the end of Dead Man's Portage.

Sat. Aug. 8: Stoned Wheat Thins on some island for lunch.

Sat. Aug. 8: Alpine Spaghetti for supper at Eagles View.

Sun. Aug. 9: My bed roll.

Debrief with Whisper
Photo by Joel Murphy

We arrived back "just on time" for chapel (11 AM) Sunday, Aug. 9.

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