Saturday, December 15, 2012

Movies R Danger 'Us - Dec. 14/12


(How they appeared Dec. 21)

After staying to read all the credits at the end of "The Hobbit", for some reason I fell down the stairs, rolled over and barked my shins.

Fortunately, I was alone (except for the staff) and so I wasn't a bowling ball in the crowd. The staff were very attentive to my needs, and even gave me 2 free passes.

I did not do this on purpose.

In fact, the service at Silver City was very good that evening. I'd never ordered tickets on-line before & it wasn't 'til I was at the theatre that I found out I had neglected to print page two, the page with the actual bar codes I needed. So they just wrote out my ticket for me.

. And it turned out that I didn't need the 2nd ticket. They refunded it for me, and they didn't even ask me for the penny change.


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