Sunday, June 09, 2013

CAPOW Band Downloadable Album: June 2013


Click the album cover to be taken to the downloadable files.

The Cover Album Project Band members took a break from covering albums such as The Beatles' Revolver, and Neil Young's Harvest, and instead spent February 2013 collaborating on a themed album, inspired by the February Album Writer's Month:

We had two guidelines for our songs:

First, each person or group was assigned one or more months of the year to somehow reference in their song.

Second, each song was supposed to use the Pop-punk chord progression: I-V-vi-IV for the bulk of the song.

We made videos of us performing the songs, which can be viewed on this Youtube playlist.

And then we got the idea of releasing the songs, cleaned up as best as we could despite the lo-fi webcam recordings, as an audio album on Bandcamp. Because it's a pretty good collection of songs!

My songs are those for March, September and November.


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