Friday, August 02, 2013

Dorion Bible Camp: Aug. 1/13


I dropped in at Dorion Bible Camp just to see what it was like during a summer not in operation. I, of course, did not go past the No Trespassing sign.

On the "Conference Centre" side (now called "West Property" it seems) there were no warning signs. There I discovered that their new Site Manager, Jim Pare, had just moved in. At that point I hadn't heard yet that they had just hired him.

We visited, and then he took me over to the camp side where I gave him a tour. See the video below:


I've created a profile for my "goofy" songs (Mayfly Mush, Ed Gooch etc.) from my days at Dorion Bible Camp. Either version of this widget can be used to stream the songs, or click on it to be taken to the profile.

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