Sunday, August 17, 2014

Manitoba Pioneer Camp: Aug. 2 - 16/14


This year again I was Worship Leader for August Boys Camp (4th - 15th). A change in schedule allowed me to lead singing at the Bible sessions of both the Intermediate and Junior sections (plus at the evening Songs and Stories).

I did other odd jobs, too, such as being the extra staff body to accompany campers into Kenora and Winnipeg on two separate occasions. The Kenora trip was to Emerge to get a sick camper checked out. So I got my knee checked as well, which I had twisted the day before.

My lack of interest in swimming made it convenient again for me to be Buddy Checker (once my knee had recovered sufficiently for me to go up and down the waterfront steps).

Links to all my MPC Boys Camp sessions

Here is a youtube playlist of the vids I shot while there. Most are only 2 to 5 minutes long.

Here is a playlist of 3 videos of the various "Hobbit" table talks skits performed each day by the staff (including me, as Balin the Dwarf).


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