Saturday, August 15, 2015

Manitoba Pioneer Camp 2015


I was at Manitoba Pioneer Camp for Boys 2 (Aug. 3 - 14) again this year, mainly to lead some of the singing, but also to help in other ways (including fishing & canoeing with campers, and plunging toilets).

This first Playlist features all my vids from Boys 2 '15 in roughly chronological order.

This is a playlist of all the Robin Hood Table Talk skits.

This is a playlist of singing (or shouting) at MPC through the last few years, but I have it set to play beginning with the first song of 2015. Note that in 2015 some of the songs were actually quite well sung (especially the Men's Quartet).

Professional quality video by Kenji Dyck of August Boys ("Boys II") highlights.

My Collection of MPC Shirts


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