Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bedford Level Expt @ ThunderCon: Oct. 25/15


I played bass with Bedford Level Experiment (Robin Harbron: guitar & vox; Rianna Harbron: keys & vox; Darren Foulds: drums & sox).

Songs performed:

Bored in My Room (Harbron),
Rogue (Harbron),
I Want a Turn (Harbron),
Love Is a Scalar (Harbron),
The Worst Super Power Ever (The Doubleclicks),
You're In Love (sung solo with guitar),
Commodores Are Dumb (sung with guitar, and the band),
Tie After Tie (Lauper/Hyman, Debs & Errol), and
History (I Adore My 64) (Harbron).

Review: "I love you, Robin!" -- Some passing geek.


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