Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Manitoba Pioneer Camp August Boys 2016


The session itself ran from Aug. 8 - 19, but I left on the 17th (in order to be ready for the Weird Al concert on the 18th). My main role was leading songs during Intermediate Bible Study & evening Songs and Stories.

Other activities included dispensing Hand Sanitizer (especially to combat this year's "Bugawump"), leading "Little Cabin in the Woods" (and also a pre-camp Family campfire sing-along), running the "Puzzles With Peps" club, participating in the Section Heads' Bible Study, holding my umbrella over the official video-camera, helping make decorations for the Banquet I'd miss, playing Elrond in "The Council of Elrond" scene in Sunday Chapel, and Buddy-Checking at Free Swim.

Links to all my years at MPC

Official Video

Playlist of MPC 2016 Vids

Tron Banquet

New addition to the Back Path

I ended up stuck in the office for three hours!

LIT Rebellion

Lord Elrond Half-Elven(-Half-Construction-Paper)

Stoat as Gandalf

Walk Around the Island Trail

Puzzle With Peps Club

Raft-Making in Wilderness Skills

My Cabin, #10

A Paradox

Cardboard banquet decorations made by Flossie and Mr. Flossie.

What a program director's mailbox should look like.

Packed, ready for boat.

Photo by Aiden Ware of Doit, Hombre, and Peps, rehearsing for Songs & Stories

Photo by Aiden Ware of Peps leading "Little Cabin in the Woods".

Photo by Aiden Ware of Peps at Songs & Stories

Photo by Aiden Ware or Kenji Dyck of Peps at Songs & Stories

Photo by Aiden Ware or Kenji Dyck of Gamgee

2016 Self-Made Staff Shirt (using musical symbols):


My MPC shirt collection


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