Sunday, July 30, 2017

My Camp Gitchigomee Logs Through the Years


2003 Intermediate (photo from 2004)

2005 (Pink Logs for 60th Anniversary)



2008 Junior


Here is my complete collection so far. Each log stands for a week of camp or a camp event such as a reunion. The colours and symbols follow a code by which each log designates my role that week.

I started at Camp Gitchigomee only recently (in 2003), but already I have 26 logs. At 25 one qualifies for "long-service" logs so that the logs may be displayed side by side.

2012 Senior

2012 Intermediate

2013 Senior

2013 Intermediate

2014 Senior (photographed July 22 during Inter.)

2014 Intermediate (photographed July 25)

2015 Intermediate

2016 Intermediate

2017 Intermediate


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