Friday, January 25, 2008

Looking for input re. church future

Our church will soon be discussing the possibilities re. our future. There will likely be some connections with our Strategic Planning Process of the last few years. OTOH we may be considering radical steps not yet raised in that process.

I have talked with a few friends/acquaintances who ask how my new job is going and here are some of their thoughts.

1) Churches that focus inwardly instead of on reaching the lost will die.
-- Young Teen Challenge Staff. [I only just met this guy and so he gave this as a general principle, knowing nothing but the little I told him of our specifics.]

2) Twenty-two regular attenders (like us) are a good core for growth IF they are open to change and being servants.
-- American Worship Pastor of English-speaking church in Berlin.

3) Churches tend to structure ourselves for the comfort and edification of the saints.
-- 50-something-year-old member of Redwood Church

Comments anyone?

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