Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Thoughts on Language

I play guitar for Pope John Paul the Second

...the school, that is -- their choir.

Anyway, while there yesterday I heard one student ask another, "What day is it?"

My answer would have been "Monday".

The student's was "5".

The 2nd student knew that "day" meant a day in their rotation system.

An awareness of this nature of language (the specialized meanings of words in certain contexts possibly unknown to outsiders. I guess that's called "jargon") is important to keep in mind when trying to interpret anything in language that is some distance from you (especially the differences of time and culture).

This doesn't solve all the problems of Biblical Interpretation (or Qur'anic, I'd guess), but it may provide us with the hope (or the "out"?) that there is probably a solution somewhere if we could only be sure what the writer meant by the word or phrase (which might differ from how another writer uses it).

You might think that God would avoid such possible confusions in His inspiration of Scripture.

You might.

I.e. You MIGHT.


YOU might.

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