Friday, April 29, 2011

Dorion Bible Camp 65th Anniversary: April 29/11


A version of The Transparencies (me, Robin & his #1 dgtr) played some of my 80's (approx.) songs as part of a Retro Variety Night to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Dorion Bible Camp. Yes, it did feel a bit odd to be back (sort of), but it was good.

Songs performed:

Mayfly Mush

The Day in the Life of a Mayfly

The Pillow-Fighting Champ of Dorion Bible Camp

I Will Put My Faith in You

Song I Wish We'd Played




I was asked to lead the Camp Song
along with the current bunch of young punks
who lead worship. : )
They play it quite a bit faster than I'm used to!!
Millie again!!

Mo again!!!


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