Sunday, February 01, 2015

Alzheimer's Society Walk For Memories: Feb. 1/15


Alzheimer's Society Walk for Memories Feb. 1/15

Pre-Walk Background Music (filling in for Flipper Flanagan):

Caffeine (parody of Cale),
Laughter Heard Through the Wall (Pepper),
Eight Days a Week (Beatles),
Don't Be Afraid (Pepper),
Mystery (Cockburn), and
What a Wonderful World (Weiss, Thiele).

At my own spot while no one listened: I'm Too Old For the NHL (Pepper)

During the Walk:

Threw It All Away (Dylan),
I'll Remember You (Dylan),
Let It Be (Beatles),
Each One Lost (Cockburn),*
Don't Think Twice (Dylan),
Eight Days a Week (Beatles),
I've Just Seen a Face (Beatles),
For No One (Beatles),
Michelle (Beatles),
Oh! Darling (Beatles),
Yesterday (Beatles),
What a Wonderful World (Weiss,Thiele),
Tie Me at the Crossroads When I Die (Cockburn). and
Make You Feel My Love (Dylan).

* At this point Jim Campbell joined me for the rest of the songs (whether he knew them or not), and we became "Jim 'n' I".

Review: "That was good." - An unidentified clown.


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