Monday, January 04, 2016

Hometown Hockey in Thunder Bay: Jan. 2,3, 2016


Poor Young Things

Wendel Clark

The Allan Cup

Ron MacLean

After Cambrian Improv was over (c. 2100h), I headed back down to the event & caught the end of the game. I managed to appear on camera a few times behind Ron. We were outside, and he was inside a trailer behind a big window. See the pictures above. I'm not visible in the photo above, but every so often (following a five second delay) I appeared behind the guy in the blue Finnish jersey.

Once the event was over, the crew started to tear down, but no one told us to leave. I overheard the MC tell someone else that it was unlikely that Ron would come outside to greet people. (He had done so in the afternoon, while I wasn't there.) So I handed my CD with "Nobody Talks (During Coaches Corner)" to a producer who assured me he'd get it to Ron. I did later see this fellow through the window wandering around inside the trailer with my CD in hand.

Eventually there were only three of us (two strangers & I) who were hanging around the broadcast trailer waiting for Ron. Shortly after 2200h, Ron emerged, and took some time to pose for pictures. I told him about my song & that a producer had it. He said that, in that case, he would get it.

Don received a copy of it, and in July 2002 he sent me this postcard:

Here's a link to a streaming version of the song:


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