Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friend Found NOT Through Facebook

Just thought I'd share with you part of my reply to an email that appeared out of the blue from a long lost friend in Norway:

Wow! Great to hear from you. I almost didn't recognize the name [her married name] or subject and was about to delete the message as spam, but since the subject wasn't "Lose pounds fast! She'll find you more attractive", I decided to check it. Just remember not to mention weight or Viagra in your subject lines and you'll be okay.

Actually the Viagra spam has stopped. The spammers must figure they are getting ahead of things and need to address more basic issues. Next I'll be getting "Get a decent haircut and the ladies might consider you.... "
Hi, Anne. I think I see your dot on my map!!
And, Friends, don't forget to talk about or check or at least think about Facebook on the hour and twenty to and twenty after. This is replacing the awkward silence phenomenon in group conversations (according to my anecdotal observations).

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