Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One version of Richard Pepper was on the radio today.

When I was declared an Exception by the City of Thunder Bay on May 1, someone at the local CBC station noticed, in part, I suppose, because I phone into their contests frequently and try to be witty. The line about my singing hymns to Seniors caught their attention and so they sent Ron Desmoulins (Dezmoolinz when we were in high school together) to explore this different angle. (I am an Angle, not Angel -- or Anglican, for that matter).

Robin kindly uploaded it to his domain:



Eric said...

Cool, I would have missed out on that if you hadn't posted the radio clip. Thanks.

reppepper said...

Join Facebook. Come over to the Dark Side. It is useless to resist.

Carla said...

That was fun to listen to (Kyla liked the music, too!).