Saturday, May 12, 2007


So now that the Murder Mystery for St. Stephen's church is over, I can tell you that I played King Roland, murdered by either my Queen, the Prince from the East, Zita the servant girl, Sir Devlin or my daughter, the Princess Persephone.

Neither of the sisters pictured murdered me, as they remained in the dining room with the guests while it happened. (At least they were supposed to.) Anyway, they were the Eastern Prince's gift to King Roland, and, to his great pleasure (not that of the Queen), performed a little belly dance. I'm told that many of the guests requested an encore.

Originally King Roland had his hands on the girls' shoulders, but suddenly Natasha (on his right) spoke (with a very convincing accent): "In my country touching is not permitted."

After the performance, we went out to the Fast Lane (formerly Bunny's) for some Karaoke. You should hear Jasmine (the other girl) sing. Wow!

I sang "Hallelujah" "in the style of Rufus Wainright" i.e. in the style of a tenor. Ouch.

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