Monday, November 26, 2007

The Lost Underground Concert of Transparent Dogs: Nov. 25/07 Northwood Park Church

The Transparencies played to a packed basement (packed with tables, chairs and dancing girls) last night. All the songs were covers of recordings by The Lost Dogs. See below the pix for set lists.

The Transparencies formed in the Summer of 1995 as the Dorion Bible Camp worship team -- with some trepidation, as very little use of drums had been made before that point. Shawn Minor played guitar and sang with us at that time, but the lineup last night was Darren "Shroom" Foulds on drums and guitar, Robin Harbron on bass and guitar and Richard Pepper on guitar (electric & acoustic) and harmonica. All three members sang lead and BGVs.

Photographs borrowed from Darren Foulds's Flickr page.

Rock'n'roll church

Both types of music: Country and Western.

Lord, Protect My Child.

[ ] = lead vocalist
Set One:
A Certain Love [Shroom]
Close But No Cigar [RP]
Free at Last [all 3]
In the Distance [Robin]
Moses in the Desert [Robin]
There You Are [Shroom]
Built For Glory, Made to Last [RP]

Set Two ("It's shorter."):
Reasonable Service [Shroom & RP]
Cry Out Loud [Shroom]
Lord Protect My Child (Dylan) [RP]
A Blessing in Disguise [all 3]
If It Be Your Will (Cohen) [all 3]
Breathe Deep [all 3]

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